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Voisin: I Demand a Sexier Coaching Search

Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Ailene Voisin:

This isn't the ideal way to approach a coaching search, with Paul Westphal scheduled to interview today. It's not sexy enough for me. It certainly isn't sexy enough to sell season tickets.


Sorry about her, Paul and Eddie. We think you're sexy enough.

Well, sexy enough for Sacramento.

(Seriously though, I'd have a treatise on how incredibly bizarre this column is if I weren't too busy trying to figure out how Bill Laimbeer, Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Fratello and Dwane Casey register higher on the sexy scale than Eddie Jordan. Also, I'm hunting down the mythical Fan Who Buys Season Tickets Because of the Coach. No leads so far. Maybe Ms. Voisin can help us locate one in her next column.)