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Kenny Thomas: The $8.7 Million Scout

Kenny Thomas is more of an ethereal being in Sacramento these days. He's just ... out there, somewhere, working hard to ensure he'll get a veteran's minimum contract in 2010, occasionally chirping at whichever Kings head coach is currently bending him over the bar of injustice.

But, um, he's inserting himself into the physical realm it seems. From Chad Ford's draft round-up:

[Blake] Griffin wasn't the only guy working out in San Francisco. Three other prospects, UConn's Jeff Adrien, Stanford's Anthony Goods and Blake's brother, Taylor, were also prepping for the draft. They were joined by former Mavs second-round pick Nick Fazekas and Sacramento Kings forward Kenny Thomas. [...]

Coach [Bob] Hill said [Griffin]'s 6-foot-10 in shoes, though if I were to guess, I'd say 6-foot-9. He was noticeably taller than Kenny Thomas, who's listed as 6-foot-7. Either way, I don't think it's going to matter [...]

Thomas and the Kings front office have a horrid relationship, so I'm sure this is just K-9 making himself available as a physical sparring partner for Griffin and the other prospects. Thomas has been reportedly working hard in the gym for more than a year. If nothing else, this will get his name out there a little bit. (See: this post.)

The elder Griffin also sounds intriguing. His passing skills at Oklahoma impressed me. Granted, most of the passes were to his brother, who happens to be a pretty dang good target. But size, skill and a massive work ethic (which apparently runs in the Griffin family) -- that's not a bad combination of attributes, you know?

You should probably read the rest of Ford's column. When I read lines like "when it comes to workouts he is fiercely competitive, focused and anxious to push himself as hard as he can" I'm reminded of the last star the Kings drafted, Kevin Martin.