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Pardon My Concern

I'm just going to throw out some matters that are bolstering the worry lines developing on my forehead.

* It is May 16. The season ended a month ago. The Kings have interviewed two candidates for the coaching job. Two.

* It is May 16. The draft is about five weeks away. The Kings have worked out ... zero prospects. The team is embarking on its second European trip of the spring to scout Ricky Rubio (and perhaps Brandon Jennings, Victor Claver and Omri Casspi). Other teams have brought in multiple lottery players for workouts.

* There is no stated program for the young players. Spencer Hawes is in Seattle, goign to school and (I asumme) working out on his own. Jason Thompson is in Philadelphia hanging out and working out on his own. Kevin Martin is resting his ankle, Francisco Garcia is in the Dominican getting ready for some FIBA qualifying, Donte Greene is back in Sacramento working out on his own. What's going on? Shouldn't the team be offering some direction to the kids, three of which are 22 or younger? Do we expect them to just know what to do to best prepare themselves for the next season? Are we leaving it up to their agents?

* What was by far the most active team at the trading deadline has done ... nothing.

For a team whose scouting department was shorthanded all season (with longtime assistant director of scouting Jack Mai leaving in January and assistant coach Chuck Person leaving with Reggie Theus in December), you'd think the franchise would want to maximize their scouting time right now, before the draft. The Kings have three vital picks. No. 1-4 is obviously the most important, and the Kings need to make the right choice. But No. 23 and No. 31 are vital too. The Kings need to make them all count.

But players aren't coming in for looks. Coaches aren't being interviewed. There seems to be a real lack of urgency in making massive improvements. Maybe it will all come in June -- a coach, the right picks, a trade. Maybe this impatient worry will look ... well, impatient. But I think the concerns are valid. What on Earth is the team doing?

Geoff Petrie might have all the power right now. It doesn't seem like he's making the most of it.