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Chad Ford's 1984 Mock Draft


Chad Ford's newest mock draft has been posted, and he's just full of sunshine and lollipops when talking about the Kings. 

Rather than breakdown this mockery mock draft, I thought it might be a good exercise to go back and review Chad's 1984 draft.  Jokes aside, this guy is clearly an expert talent evaluator, and brilliant and predicting drafts and future success.  But don't take my word for it, read for yourself!


1. Houston Rockets - Akeem Olajuwon

Analysis:  This is a tricky one.  Will Olajuwon be a good fit with Ralph Sampson?  My inside sources suggest it may cause conflict.  Houston could easily be looking to trade out of this spot, or could go a different direction altogether.

2. Portland Trailblazers - Sam Perkins

Analysis: An NBA source told me today that the Trailblazers might be the one team who would take Perkins over Sam Bowie.  Mychal Thompson is solid, but the Blazers are looking for a defensive player like Perkins to pair with Thompson's offense.


3. Chicago Bulls - Sam Bowie

Analysis:  The Bulls will have an easy choice here is Bowie is still on the board. There's been talk that Bowie might be injury-prone, but he's looked great in workouts and his knees don't appear to be a concern.


4. Dallas Mavericks - Melvin Turpin

Analysis:  The Mavericks are the big losers of this draft, with the obvious prizes of Olajuwon, Bowie and Perkins off the board.  The Mavericks still need size, though, so expect them to take the University of Kentucky standout.  I hear he's coming into workouts in great shape, according to my sources.

5. Philadelphia 76ers - Lancaster Gordon

Analysis:  Philadelphia might go with Michael Jordan, or Auburn's Charles Barkley.  But Gordon is a great fit and I think Gordon is the obvious pick here.


After the jump, we'll cover some of the long-shot picks of this year's draft, such as Jordan, Barkley, and expected bust John Stockton from Gonzaga.


(Editor's Note:  I don't like Chad Ford very much.  Thanks, Ex G.)