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Player List For Kings' Thursday Work-out Set

Via a Kings press release:

  • Jrue Holiday, G, UCLA
  • Aaron Jackson, G, Duquesne
  • Josh Akognon, G, Marc Stein U
  • Brandon Ewing, G, Wyoming
  • Tremaine Townsend, F, CSU Northridge
  • John Bryant, C, Santa Clara

Holiday, obviously, is the prize here. I'm in the camp that definitely believes he'll be play at No. 4 but not at No. 23. Hyperstrong defenders with incredible lateral quickness are, um, great commodities, especially on a defensively deficient squad.

I know nothing about Jackson, Ewing and Townsend. Bryant and Akognon could be undrafted, too. (Of course, Patrick Ewing Jr. should have been undrafted ... )