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Who Would President Obama Choose?

One of the benefits of having billionaire playboy owners is that, well, they're famous. Famous people all know each other. So you get gossip column entries in which the brother of the managing partners asks the President of the United States who the team should draft.

Take it away, one-eyed Las Vegas gossip queen NORM!:

George Maloof, owner of the Palms hotel-casino, invited [President Barack] Obama to stay at the hotel's Hardwood Suites, where everyone from George Clooney to Shaquille O'Neal and Britney Spears to Kid Rock have shot baskets. [...]

"Phil [Maloof] asked him who we (the Maloof-owned Sacramento Kings) should take in the NBA draft," George Maloof said. "He liked Blake Griffin, of course; (Hasheem) Thabeet from Connecticut and he loved the kid from Memphis -- Tyreke Evans," the consensus national freshman of the year choice.

Assuming Griffin and Thabeet have left the board by pick No. 4, I think that's a resounding endorsement for Evans. Spain, however, is not going to be happy about this.