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Size at the Point: The Length of Tyreke Evans

The biggest news from the combine, as has been discussed in various threads here, is one of two things: the length measurements of Blake Griffin, or length measurements of Tyreke Evans.

Griffin's height measured fine (6'10 in shoes), but DraftExpress' Jonathan Givony notes that the No. 1 pick's wingspan is just a quarter of an inch from ranking dead last among all power forwards drafting in the top 15 this decade and his standing reach is an inch better than the worst. Meanwhile, Evans has the longest wingspan for any point guard ever measured at the combine (Orlando or Chicago).

In fact, Evans, a 6'5 point guard, has the same wingspan -- six feet, 11-1/4 inches -- as 6'10 Griffin.

Evans is huge! By comparison, Shaun Livingston was more than two inches taller than Evans at draft time. And Evans' wingspan is actually longer! Evans' wingspan is just one inch shorter than LeBron's. Longer than Iguodala, Childress, Wade, Salmons, J.R. Smith, Terrence Williams (by more than two inches), Roy (by three inches), Westbrook (by 3-1/2 inches). Just unbelievable length.

Of course, as section214 has reminded us, size isn't everything. Remember Shawn Bradley, remember (ahem) pre-injury Livingston. You need skills to be an NBA player, you need elite skills or physical assets -- at the least some combination of adequacy in the two -- to be a good or great NBA player.

If Evans can play the point in the NBA -- his record at the helm of Memphis would indicate an affirmative answer there -- he will be the longest, biggest point guard in the league. Bigger than Billups, Williams. Longer than Rondo. (I think. Rondo didn't submit to measurements.) If he has or can develop the skills, he'll be able to post up any single point guard in the league. If he has the heart to devote himself to team defense, he should be one of the guards most physically ready to challenge every jumper. If he can jump and sprint, he could be deadly in transition. At both ends.

Again, he needs to develop the right skills, the right coach, the right team fit, the right attitude. But that's one helluva canvas to bring to the parlour. It seems as though the Kings think so, too. From Amick:

"I'd feel great running the point down there in Sacramento. (Kevin) Martin in the backcourt with me – he's a great scorer. If I do go there, we'll get the job done. Having a two-guard like that with me would be great. With the ball in my hands, I make a lot of good things happen."

Evans interviewed with the Kings during the combine.

"They talk a lot about how they want a big guard," he said. "They're looking at me real hard."

Life after The Lotto. It's good, y'all.

(By the way, Holiday came out pretty big as well. The wingspan -- 6'7 -- didn't blow up the abacus like Evans. But he's 6'4+ in shoes and pushes 200 lbs. Very solid. The other big point guard of note is Rodrique Beaubois of France. Only 6'2, but a wingspan near 6'10. I haven't heard anything about his speed/agility numbers -- if those are high, he should rise up the boards, maybe into a legit first round slot.)