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More Rumors for Paul Westphal's Staff

Sam Amick had previously named Mario Elie and Terry Porter as potential assistant coaches under Paul Westphal. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! adds a few more: Brian James, who did a few stints with Doug Collins and worked under Porter in Milwaukee, and Bryan Gates, who won the D-League's first two Coach of the Year awards in 2007 and 2008.

Ridiculous Upside's Scott Schroder (who now works for the Dakota Wizards front office) has always had good things to say about Gates.

There is, of course, something else in the Wojnarowski column that has grabbed your attention ...

The process was marred with an immense amount of acrimony. Sources say the Kings were turned off by one rival representative’s relentless and nasty attacks on Westphal’s candidacy. As for Westphal, he was livid over what he considered unfair and unfounded attacks and nearly pulled out of the process over the weekend.

I like to think I keep up with Kings rumors and news pretty intently. I never saw any attacks on Westphal's candidacy outside of ... well, Sactown Royalty. (Guilty.) And Kevin Pelton, Steve Perrin and I certainly aren't agents of Rambis or something. If there were in fact "relentless and nasty attacks" against Westphal, they must have come behind the scenes. If so, that reflects rather poorly on whichever candidate was a party of it, even if it was (as these things tend to be) unrequested advocacy.