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Policing Ourselves

Instead of dispatching a gestapo of silent assasins to rid StR of trolls and idiots, I want us all to police the site and reject any sort of slippage into unsavory existence. We can do this three ways:

1. Flag. If it's spam, flag it. If it's inflammatory, flag it. If it's useless, flag it. I'll check the flags when I can and make nuclear decisions.

2. Rec. The best way to kill the spirit of the idiots is to rec the good stuff! Not just comments and FanPosts, but FanShots too. Not everything belongs on the front page, so I don't a lack of an FP to imply something isn't good. So I rec FanShots. I think I'm the only one.

3. Ignore. I won't lie: sometimes the "feed the trolls" threads end up being hilarious. But they really must be nuked to keep our place as tidy as it has been for its nearly four-year existence. Honestly, it's much better to flag and move on than to feed the fire of stupidity. Cut off the oxygen. These idiots want your goat. Keep your goat indoors. Keep it safe!

For my part, I'll post up some FanShot/FanPost guidelines later today as a reminder to the valued Royalists with valued thoughts who just don't quite have the system down yet. I'd love to get to a point where we have so many wonderful FanPosts I have to raise the rec minimum for Recommended FanPosts. (We already have higher standards on that than most SBN NBA blogs.)

Thanks to everyone for the contributions. Now let's drown out the idiots for good.