Kings Offseason Plan-Bye, Bye Kevin Martin

The Kings have hired Paul Westphal as their head coach, which i believe is a mistake unless he allows his 58-year old body to go through a rebuilding phase. Now the questions surrounding the Kings involves their draft plans and whether or not they'll be active in free agency. The thing i believe the Kings should do involves trading one of their stars for the chance to truly rebuild. The Kings have tried building around Kevin Martin but it was not meant to be obviously. This whole plan, i might add, changes if Ricky Rubio falls to us at #4. I believe with the 4th pick if Ricky Rubio isn' there we select James Harden, Demar DeRozan, or Tyreke Evans as perimeter, and more importantly, athletic weapons the Kings have so desperately lacked. Then we trade Kevin Martin and the #23 pick to a team in the 8-15 range for that pick and an expiring contract. This way we get rid of a salary cap clog in Martin and maybe acquire a point guard in the range of Jrue Holiday, Eric Maynor , Jeff Teague, Johhny Flynn or possibly Stephen Curry. With the 31st pick the Kings have to look size, Jeff Pendergraph, DaJuan Summers, Derrick Brown and Sam Young might be available as well as Tyler Hansbrough. We have to look for a decent role player at this spot that fills a need. After the draft comes free agency. Now whether or not we get a player with a lower salary than Martin in his trade determines or cap figure. We could spend to get Marcin Gortat which i would love or we could look smaller and spend on Kyrylo Fesenko as a big or we could look at a guy i like in Rasho Nesterovic. The Kings could advance in the rebuilding phase with these moves for we could build around Spencer Hawes, Jason Thompson, Donte Greene, Francisco Garcia, #4 pick, #8-15 pick, #31 pick and possibly Ike Diog, who i like alot.

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