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Sacramento Kings NBA Draft 2009: What I'm Hearing

Instead of pushing this stuff out in various comment threads, I figured I'd collect it in one post. Perhaps there will be enough grist for another edition next week.

* Tyreke Evans is back on Sunday precisely because he disappointed in his first visit. If Evans wants to be a King, he needs to blow the doors off on Sunday. I was there for Visit No. 1, and they opened up the last 15 minutes for viewing. You can't take a whole lot from that, but he didn't look like dynamite. Two of the matchups on Sunday -- Nick Calathes and Toney Douglas -- seem tailor-made to test Evans' physicality. I'm sure Evans' defense will be a nice test for Stephen Curry, as well.

* Plenty of teams are actually trying to get the No. 4 pick from Sacramento. This hurts to write, it pains me personally, but ... there's talk the No. 23 or 31 could also be up for sale. Sale, as in selling to the Rockets, Cavs or Spurs for $3 million, Phoenix style. It seems like the scenario would be that the team has two or three key guys they'd like to get at either pick. If they aren't available, the pick can be had for some cash or salary relief.

* The split Chad Ford reported is real in a sense, but perhaps overstated. Neither side has an interest in trading up for Ricky Rubio -- if he's there at No. 4, that's where the battle lines are drawn. The anti-Rubio segment believes the team can't afford to wait for the kid to develop, and that he further exacerbates the problem of a lack of toughness on the team. There's also a concern he might wilt so far from home, especially on a losing team. The pro-Rubio folks have varying reasons: excitement and charisma for some, incredible passing instincts and unbelievable on-court maturity for others.

* How much does the uncertainty about Geoff Petrie's future with the team weigh in on the Rubio battle? I'll let you decide. I do hear, though, that Petrie's above the fray on this one. I also get the sense that it's not just the basketball ops people involved, though the basketball ops people (which at this point is the front office, the scouting team led by Scotty Stirling, and Paul Westphal) are obviously central to the whole scenario.

* The Flynn interest is real, and there really hasn't been internal debate. In other words, if Rubio goes No. 2 or 3 or the anti-Rubio folks win Petrie's support, and if Evans doesn't dominate the practice facility on Sunday, Flynn will likely be the choice. Flynn doesn't seem to have any internal detractors (which is a bit surprising given that hardly any other team in the top nine is rumored to be interested). He must have been stunning during Pointguardpalooza #1.

* Jrue Holiday has no chance of going No. 4. Brandon Jennings is almost surely a no-go, too (and not because of his press conference). I haven't heard a damn thing from anyone about the interest level around Curry. I imagine he'll need to make a statement Sunday to join the club.

* The Kings are trying to set up a last-minute workout with Hasheem Thabeet. Sam Young comes in Monday (with other wings, one would assume), and Tuesday/Wednesday remain clear according to the team's public announcements.