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Sactown Royalty Draft Contest - The Field Is Set



83 StR members meet in a battle of wits to determine who thinks most like Geoff Petrie. Miss all three picks and you receive lifetime membership in the Chad Ford Tool Of The Month Club. Picks can be found after the jump - good luck!!!

Order StR Member 1st Pick 2nd Pick 3rd Pick
1 betweentheeyes Curry Claver Mills
48 andy sims Curry Young Claver
54 furious.d Curry Young Heytvelt
67 Nick the Quick DeRozan Brown Douglas
57 PurplePurple DeRozan Young Douglas
82 LPKingsFan Evans Brown Mills
71 rc360 Evans Casspi Beaubois
23 Aykis16 Evans Casspi Brown
13 cbsf Evans Casspi Calathes
61 corbin Evans Casspi Calathes
50 JuanPrimo Evans Casspi Collison
64 Dastardly D Evans Casspi Collison
76 27freethrows Evans Casspi Daye
30 kingsoftheboxscore Evans Casspi Gibson
9 section214 Evans Casspi Heytvelt
47 allbenji's Evans Casspi Maynor
11 Big ZK Evans Casspi Mills
22 dkons21 Evans Casspi Mills
80 creep Evans Collison Brown
79 jwill is the best Evans Daye Brown
59 bozotunes Evans Hansbrough Douglas
27 JohnSalmons19 Evans Lawson Heytvelt
78 piratejp Evans pick traded Claver
36 PhutureKings Evans Teague Claver
77 nbrans Evans Teague Gibson
43 #1kingsfan4eva! Evans Young Gladyr
19 Deleran Evans Young Mills
20 Carl Flynn Budinger Christmas
72 SavageBeast Flynn Calathes Casspi
69 ramon Flynn Casspi Mills
26 R-man Flynn Ellington Claver
63 Sactown Demos Flynn Summers Claver
66 MTBalla Flynn Summers Mills
39 KINGSFAN80 Flynn Williams Collison
18 Ball In Cup Flynn Williams Mills
74 Ellimist Flynn Young Brown
33 Red Reign Flynn Young Pendergraph
60 markdog333 Holiday Budinger De Colo
16 kangsfan Holiday Mullens Calathes
51 SugaB Holiday Williams Beaubois
40 CAB Holiday Young Gibson
81 Toback Jennings Budinger Beaubois
70 OrangeLazarus Jennings Casspi Calathes
35 willski Jennings Claver Calathes
44 passionforPERPS Jennings Teague Adrien
56 discocricket Jennings Teague Beaubois
52 Bushka Rubio Blair Mills
58 clicc916 Rubio Blair pick traded
75 pookeyguru Rubio Brown Beaubois
21 caesarpalacio Rubio Budinger Taylor
14 sroufe Rubio Calathes Brown
68 mike murray Rubio Calathes Casspi
12 Exhibit G Rubio Calathes Heytvelt
62 longtimelistenerfirsttimecaller Rubio Calathes Heytvelt
49 DougChristieKO Rubio Casspi Beaubois
15 LA Rubio Casspi Brockman
28 KingsForLife Rubio Casspi Brown
8 panzerfaust Rubio Casspi Claver
37 KillaFresh Rubio Casspi Claver
31 dalt99 Rubio Casspi De Colo
4 Smills91 Rubio Casspi Douglas
29 dannyboy55 Rubio Casspi Heytvelt
5 Citadel29 Rubio Casspi Liull
10 LeaguePassAddict Rubio Casspi Mills
25 kingme Rubio Casspi Mills
42 Burrito3 Rubio Casspi Mills
7 otis29 Rubio Casspi Summers
32 CloudyEyes Rubio Clark Calathes
41 eduardo_m7 Rubio Collison Heytvelt
2 STH114 Rubio Daye Mills
3 jjham15 Rubio Hansbrough Beaubois
6 NoceOne Rubio Hansbrough Beaubois
53 SolidWar Snake Rubio Hansbrough Thornton
65 AnotherStupidSN Rubio Heytvelt Calathes
34 left hand Rubio Heytvelt Meeks
24 Darth_Ennui Rubio pick traded Heytvelt
83 SPTSJUNKIE Rubio Teague Heytvelt
45 gedrosian Rubio Williams Claver
38 SactownKing9 Rubio Williams Collison
73 jwill all the way 55 Rubio Williams Mills
46 moproblemz Rubio Young Claver
55 GreekKing Rubio Young Collison
17 vfettke Rubio Young Mills