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In Defense of Jon Brockman

Like many Kings fans, the selection of Jon "Kent" Brockman at No. 38 was a surprise, and initially a disappointment. I mean, DeJuan Freaking Blair went off the board one pick earlier! I feel safe in saying that had the Kings passed on Brockman for someone like Patrick Mills, Derrick Brown, Danny Green or Nick Calathes, the husky Husky may have gone undrafted.

But just looking at Brockman's body and his draft stock ignores what he could really offer the team.

... and that's rebounding. The below table outlines Brockman's national ranks in offensive and defensive rebound rate according to Ken Pomeroy.

Season OReb% Rank DReb% Rank
Frosh 110 125
Soph 12 21
Junior 16 10
Senior 9 16


The Kings landed a player who has been among the top 16 offensive rebounders and top 21 defensive rebounders in all of college basketball over the past three seasons. There are more than 300 NCAA teams and more than 2,000 players eligible for these rankings. Brockman has been among the best every year.

Meanwhile, the Kings are among the worst rebounding teams in the NBA.

I don't want to blow smoke. He's a limited player who will serve a Reggie Evans role at best. I have no idea how his overall defense is (the team ranked No. 9 in the nation last season), and I doubt he'll score on anything other than putbacks. But given the track record of second round picks in terms of success -- it's limited all over the league, not just in Sacramento -- it's hard to raise hackles about this pick. Sorry if that disappoints you.