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Video from Tyreke Evans' Sacramento Kings Work-out

University of Memphis product Tyreke Evans did his first team work-out of the summer Tuesday afternoon in Natomas at the Kings practice facility. The team opened up the last few minutes of his solo work-out for media viewing. The work-out was led by Geoff Petrie and involved Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Fat Lever. All the other front office execs -- Wayne Cooper, Jason Levien, Jerry Reynolds, Scotty Stirling. Afterwards, Evans talked to the media for about 15 minutes.

Here's one of the open court drills Evans ran. (Click the HD button for better quality.) More drills after the jump. The interview and my impressions soon.


These are two of the post-up drills Evans went through with Reef. After each drill I saw, Petrie had Evans shoot four free throws, I assume to see how his form held up after some exhaustion.