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Happy Anniversary, Maloof Family

Kings VP Mitch Germann informs us today is the 10th anniversary of the Maloof family's purchase of the team.

The Maloofs catch a lot of flack in Sacramento. The arena issue has been the central wedge, though perceived tampering in Rick Adelman's expulsion, various trades and free agent signings and subsequent coaching hires have also tempered enthusiasm.

But anyone who has been around longer than 10 years understands just how much the Maloofs helped this franchise by rescuing it from the previous ownership. (In fact, you can usually tell the 2001 bandwagon fans apart from the longer-term fans based on their statements about the Maloofs.) The Maloofs have made some unfortunate steps, but in total have been by far the greatest ownership team the Sacramento Kings have ever had. Joe and Gavin, in particular, are great, accessible, passionate owners who deserve our kudos.

Congratulations, Maloof family. Here's to another decade of success in Sacramento.