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Links 'n Links, July 10 Edition

(SBN built this awesome clipping tool I haven't used yet. I'm going to try to use it.)

Summer League on Web No Longer Free -- NBA FanHouse

VSL costs $15 now. That's cool if you're going to watch a bunch of non-Kings games. Otherwise, you're paying $3 a game for the home team. A bit expensive for glorified practice.

Kings Blog and Q&A: Catching up with the Casspi family

Ailene Voisin checks in with the Casspis and a Jewish tour group from Sacramento who visited Tel Aviv. Apparently, once the Kigns drafted Omri, the Casspis began receiving dozens of bouquets, left in front of their house.

Basketball star Omri Casspi becomes first Israeli in NBA - Haaretz

Apparently, there were concerns as recently as this week the Kings would stash Omri back in Israel. But he signed the deal Thursday, so he's a King.

Cowbell - Kings Had Second Biggest Decline in Gate Receipts

Zach breaks down some attendance numbers. Not great news in Sacramento, which verifies what we saw all season.

General NBA links after the jump.

Cohan eyes selling the Warriors (cont.): Talks with Ellison and minority investors

Tim Kawakami has been reporting that Larry Ellison may purchase the Warriors. Ellison had been considered a potential San Jose owner -- whether it be the Kings or an expansion franchise. The Warriors would suit him better.

Q&A with Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard - Behind The Blazers Beat

The Blazers seem pretty serious about Paul Millsap.

Chicago Bulls Blog: Johnson and Gibson look better than Bad Boozer Rumor

The Boozer-Hinrich rumor gets debunked by the kings of made-up rumors himself.

Forum Blue And Gold " Breaking down #37

This is how free agency and trade moves should be broken down. Except that everyone knows Ron in L.A. is going to end in a disastrous flame-out.