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Sometimes inspiration comes from within, and sometimes it comes from those around you. And if you surround yourself with pinheads, you wind up with inspiration that can be captured on the head of a pin. With that as a backdrop, I proudly(?) present the following prose (and cons), dedicated to our three new rookies, with thanks(?) to Exhibit G, rbiegler and TZ for the inspiration(?). Or to put it another way, once you click to continue to read this post, don’t blame me – blame G, B and Z.

First, a little Exhibit G inspiration (to the tune of "Thank Heaven for Little Girls"):

Thank Evans when Tyreke whirls,

For  Tyreke will get better every day.

Thank Evans when Tyreke whirls,

He’ll really make the most amazing plays.


The NBA draft is dangerous and tricky,

We could have wound up with a guy named Ricky.


Thank Evans when Tyreke whirls -

What GP wanted is what we got,

Now please work on that jump shot!

For without him, we’re left with nearly squat.


Thank Evans…Thank Evans,

Thank Evans when Tyreke Evans whirls.


Next, a little rbiegler-inspired poetry, found in the unpublished Word files of a local sportswriter:

I think that I shall never see

A player as lovely as Casspi.

A man who’ll surely pass the test

And leave me with a heaving breast.

A man whose hair I’d like to muss,

Thus ending my decade-long Peja crush.

It’s hard to write for local papers

When this man is giving me the vapors.

I’m really feeling moist and wet –

I think I need a cigarette.

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make Casspi.

Finally, a Ziller-inspired graph of Jon Brockman’s potential NBA growth curve:


What, are you daft? The answer is right there!

Well, that managed to pass the time. Now if you'll excuse me, the true source of my inspiration calls - my Pop Tarts are ready.