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Links 'n Links, July 14

Omri Casspi Making NBA History -- NBA FanHouse
Elie Seckbach, the Embedded Correspondent, checks in with Omri.

Recap: Bucks 91, Kings 86 - Brew Hoop
BrewHoop recaps Monday's game. (FYI, I haven't seen the 4th quarter yet, but we'll be talking more about Evans and Jennings soon.)

Non-Kings items after the jump. Blog " Win Shares and Aging
Neil Paine has an excellent entry look into aging curves. This first post looks at total performance (he uses Win Shares, which is good) and susses out positional differences. Check it out.

Basketball Prospectus: Best Free Agents
Kevin Pelton rates the top 10 free agents from this summer, including those who have been signed. The No. 2 fellow is still available ...

The Durable Myth Of The Overpaid Ballplayer - Deadspin
Tommy Craggs writes about the myth of the overpaid ballplayer. Excellent, excellent commentary.

The Bizarre World Of Children’s YouTube Videos -  Deadspin
Yesterday, I linked to a Spencer Hall TSB post and noted how much I enjoy his work. Drew Magary has a different style, but he's also extraordinary. I dare you to get through a Drew-penned post without laughing out loud. This post (one of his new "Balls Deep" posts on Deadspin) is hilarious.