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Westphal Pulls Back on Tyreke Evans as Day 1 Starter

Apparently, Gavin Maloof was confused. So reports Jason Jones of The Bee, who talked to Paul Westphal about the quote Maloof offered up during Monday's Vegas Summer League webcast.

During the game against Milwaukee, Maloof had said he asked Westphal when Tyreke Evans would be ready to start. Westphal replied, according to Maloof, that Evans would be the starter "as soon as he steps on the court." Westphal tells Jones that Maloof either confused summer league and the regular season, or let his excitement get the best of him.

"We certainly think that Tyreke has the ability to (start)," Westphal said. "He's the fourth player in the draft on a team that won 17 games; he's expected to contribute right away. But what that's going to look like has not been determined. I know that some people have had fun with that quote, but that was not my quote."