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We've Been Asking the Wrong Questions

Silly us, arguing over Tyreke Evans's positionality. This franchise is Next Level y'all, and has bigger concerns than a point guard without innate passing instinct. But finally, Resolution. We're on our way.

The Kings on Friday wanted to start all five of the players on their NBA Summer League roster who figure to be on the regular-season team. Doing that meant finding a place for 6-foot-11 forward Donté Greene. Rookie Omri Casspi has started at small forward, with Greene coming off the bench. So the Kings decided to go with a very back backcourt mate with 6-foot-5 rookie Tyreke Evans – Greene.

"It was interesting to see (Greene) play the two guard," said Kings coach Paul Westphal. "I kind of like that."

We don't need to trade Kevin Martin so that Evans can play his natural position. We need to do it so that Donté Greene can play his natural position. It all makes so much sense now.