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Only Sean May Can Lose

Sean May appears to be coming to Sacramento for realsies. On his Twitter feed, he said,

Sacramento here I come! ;-)

, which would seem to indicate the previously all-but-official acquisition is now something akin to official.  

May's rumored signing has drawn more apathy 'round here than expected, and I fully blame Shelden Williams.

Williams was our virginal high pick reclamation project, taken on in the Mike Bibby trade and as such became the highest draft selection (#5) on the roster. Williams disappointed in every facet: he wasn't a practice floor All-Star, he ditched half of Summer League to accompany his girlfriend to the ESPYs, and he showed no improvement on offense, the key weak spot in his game. Of course, most of his Sacramento career came under Reggie Theus, so blame should be offered with context: he wasn't the only Kings project to fail during that period.

Williams could have been a key big man off the bench, the rebounding/defense counterpoint to Spencer Hawes. It didn't happen, Jason Thompson's swagger sent Shel to the forest, and that's all she wrote. Sean May, similarly, can be the New Diogu, a killer scorer/rebounder off the bench. A spark. Or, Jon Brockman can be so bruising, so authentically tough that May is rendered useless, another seat on the plane and nothing more.

You shouldn't be surprised either way. May has the talent to be something useful, but he has a history that screams "waste of time." The truth isn't somewhere in between: it's one or the other. Let's hope it's the positive one. If not, no harm done. The Kings are committing minimal resources. From the team/fan perspective, there's no way to lose. Only May can suffer defeat here.