Hollinger's Painful Analysis

John Hollinger's analysis of the West has our beloved Kings firmly planted in the basement. Here's what he says:

Shell-shocked by increasingly horrific economics in Sacto and the woefully outdated Arco Arena, the Kings locked down financially while they wait to find out where their next home will be. If it's a new building in Sacramento, great, but if not, San Jose, Anaheim, Kansas City and others await with open arms. Either way, they won't spend a nickel without some certainty on this front.

The Kings did pick up a potential star in the draft in Tyreke Evans and a low-budget breakout possibility in Sergio Rodriguez, plus Kevin Martin should be healthier. That should keep them run-of-the-mill bad rather than historically awful, but optimists won't find a lot of ammunition here.

For those of you with Insider access, he has a very interesting story on the falling luxury tax line and how it is going to impact next year's free agents. In essence many more teams are facing serious tax problems next year and he predicts another buyers market for the free agent crop and for quality players under contract with teams trying to get under the tax line by the very small number of teams likely to have cap space.... Kings are in that small class.

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