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Donte Greene's Shot Selection

By request after the glance at the shot selection of Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes, here's a quick chart showing the breakdown of Donte Greene's 2008-09 FGAs.


Keep in mind that Greene played few minutes, and in total took relatively few shots (only 236 on the season). But there's no denying he spent most of the 2008-09 season looking for his three-ball. Not a bad strategy if he could hit them ... but he shot 26% from there during the season and 27.6% during his D-League stint. He hit 1-of-8 during summer league. He did shoot 34.5% from three in college; if he can replicate that here, his offense just might work.

Otherwise, much is made of getting Greene in the paint, where he can use his length and hops to cause havok. We'll see how the intensive lifting program helps that come October.