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Francisco Garcia Goes Nuts Against Panama

On Wednesday, Francisco Garcia played valiantly for the Dominican Republic, but foul trouble for teammates Al Horford and Charlie Villanueva in addition to great play from Tiago Splitter gave Brazil the win. Garcia scored 17 points, shot 5-for-10 from three, and registered (cough) five blocks in the loss.

But he went ballistic Thursday against Panama, leading the D.R. to a 100-87 victory. Garcia scored 24 points, and shot 5-for-8 from deep. El Flaco is business!

There was actually some D.R. related drama earlier this week, as Charlie V and Horford were told their moms couldn't attend the big ceremony to kick off the tournament. Voices were apparently raised. Folks were made aware that Champ Villanueva drives a Dodge Stratus.

The Dominicans face Venezuela on Saturday afternoon.