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Dominicans Win Again

With a 78-73 win over Venezuela, the Dominican Republic clinched a berth in the quarterfinals of FIBA Americas 2009. Francisco Garcia had 21 points. He's still gunning, though the threes didn't all fall this time (2-for-8). He's now 12-for-26 (46%) on the tournament.

Sunday's results will determine who the Dominicans play in what is effectively a qualifying game for the 2010 World Championships. Depending on what happens on the opening round's final day, the D.R. could face Canada, Uruguay or Mexico. The Dominicans should be favored over all three teams, though Canada has played two great games in the tourney to go along with today's rough go against the Uruguayans.

The Dominican Republic hasn't qualifed for the World Championships since 1978.