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Kings and Clippers Since 1986

By popular demand after Friday's depressing Lakers-Kings Since 1986 comparison, here is a comparison of the performance of the Kings and Clippers during the Sacramento era.


Hurrah! A Band-Aid for our souls.

Since 1985-86:

  • The Clippers have finished with a better record eight times, and the Kings have finished with a better record 16 times.
  • The Kings have an average winning percentage of 45% (roughly a 37-45 season) while the Clippers have an average winning percentage of 34% (roughly a 28-54 season).
  • Of the nine worst seasons between the teams, the Clippers can claim eight.
  • The Clippers have three seasons worse than last season's 17-win campaign for the Kings, and three seasons equal to it.
  • The Kings have had five seasons better than the Clippers' best season.

Whew. That felt good.