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Perception is reality, or so people say. Of course, you could always just tell them that you perceive that perception is not reality, and their logic is immediately destroyed. But this tends to cause the brain to be consumed by a black hole, so let's move forward on the topic of perception.

While they may not be reality, perceptions are very important to anyone in the public eye. Perceptions can follow you for years (such as "Ron Artest is crazy", but that is probably true), and influence your earning potential (Allen Iverson, FA). So, with all of that in mind, if you're an athlete struggling to overcome perceptions of weight issues, why do you post the following to your Twitter?

Went to my first resturant in Sac with the wify. Went to a spot called 2 Fornaio. It was pretty good!

Obviously this is not the end of the world by any means. It's not like Sean May just busted out (alleged) gang lingo, a la J.R. Smith. I've never been to Fornaio, maybe it is amazing. Obviously we can't expect that Sean May doesn't eat food. But perhaps one of your earliest impressions about Sacramento shouldn't necessarily be about the food.

I'm not trying to attack May here. By all accounts, he is in better shape than he was, and he came to Sacramento relatively cheap (resulting in a potential residence in Roseville). As a Kings fan and a North Carolina fan, I'd love nothing more than to see Sean May exceed expectations and become a valuable contributor to this team. I'd love to see him win over the fans. But a big part of winning over the fan base is going to be to overcome perceptions of weight issues.

So the question now is what you think. Am I overreacting? Did you have a similar reaction? Poll below.