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Introducing the New

As you know, Sactown Royalty is a member blog of SB Nation, a network of 212 (!) dedicated sports blogs. If you've been around a while, you know that SBN has grown magnificently over the years. But the re-launch of as a sports hub is really the next level.

The tech team which built SBN 2.0 (and the awesome commenting system which came with it) worked on the design and implementation of the new landing page. As you can tell, they know what they are doing. The new blog, on the left sidebar of, is written by some fellows you'll love:

  • Chris Mottram, my former editor at The Sporting Blog, a gentleman and a friend.
  • Eamonn Brennan, a great guy who can write about any sports with an amazing effortlessness.
  • Andrew Sharp, a gentleman of the highest order.

The team will be pulling content from SBNation blogs as well as the wider sports sphere for that main page. Also, in equally awesome news, the individual sports page -- such as -- have become awesome resources with a collection of vital stories. Just so much awesomeness wrapped into one site.

On first glance, the site may just look handsome. But it's seriously a next-level sports site. Mixing the specific knowledge of us individual bloggers with the national eye of the editors and the scope of the entire sports world ... it's unbelievable. Give it a shot.