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Our New Sports Reality

This conversation actually happened this evening on Twitter. (Sic'd to death, of course.) Starring Sean May as Lindsay Lohan, Rashad McCants as the art freaks and Donte Greene and Jason Thompson as The Plastics.^


Sean May (@BigMay42), 7:49 PM: Watching a little football steelers vs titians

Jason Thompson (@jtthekid), 7:53 PM: At the monarchs game wit my boys @dontegreene n woo payne. Kickin it courtside. Trying to route on for the ladies. Wave to me if u c me!!

Donte Greene (@dontegreene), 7:53 PM: at da monarchs game wit @jtthekid and woo. shout out 2 @quinnie20 c u in a few days boy. lol

Sean May, 8:13 PM: @jtthekid @DonteGreene damn yall ain't wanna hit me and see if Big May wanted to come to da game! see how my teamates treat me yall!

Rashad McCants (@RashadMcCants), 8:13 PM: @BigMay42 uh huh what i told ya


I ain't ready for this type of world.