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30Q: Can Jon Brockman Be a Rotation Player?

30Q asks the important questions about the Kings all through September.

Now that Jon Brockman is signed, I can fire off this 30Q entry -- the only 30Q entry -- on Hoss. He'll likely start the season hanging out with Kenny Thomas. The franchise is committed to Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes, and the coaching staff at least owes it to Sean May to see if he can hang. Brockman would be next on the theoretical big man depth chart, likely only finding minutes at power forward. (The three aforementioned bigs could get looks at center, too.)

Provided he gets a chance, what can Hoss do? Well, eat hella pancakes, for one.

Also, rebound. We discuss that after the jump.

Reggie Evans was an 22-year-old undrafted free agent signed by the Sonics in 2002. Evans came from Iowa, where he averaged 11.1 rebounds a game his senior season. Last year at Washington, Brockman averaged 11.5 rebounds a game.

Evans, however, has a bit of a disastrous offensive skillset. It's that there are no skills, except that he can rebound the ball on the offensive glass. Many garbage men end up with fantastic shooting percentages, but not Evans. His career two-point shooting percentage is .468 (league average was .485 last season) and his career True Shooting percentage is .504 (league average is .544). He shoots damned infrequently ... and damned inefficiently. (And he's a turnover machine.) Basically, excepting offensive rebounds, the fewer times Reggie Evans touches the ball on offense, the better.

Brockman's not quite the same. He shot .528 last season. You suspect he'll have a tougher time scoring around the rim in the bigger, longer, quicker NBA, but it's not as if his real asset is offense. It's just that the offense might actually be passable compared with the other role-playing rebounder we're talking about.

That's another issue which will define Brockman's potential here: whether the Kings can endorse a true role for a true roleplayer. Brockman is the first draft pick in recent years who we can expect to be a minus offensive player for the totality of his career. Other teams do this more frequently. Shane Battier is the poster child starting role player. Nic Batum. Ben Wallace. Kendrick Perkins. Courtney Lee. For whatever reason, the Kings rarely pick up or play dudes who do things other than score. Brockman can change that. He can, when he's in the game, handle the boards and leave the bucket-scoring to the other four players.

Only one player rebounded better per minute than Brockman in the Summer League (Joey Dorsey). And no, I don't think Brockman's defense will be as good as Evans's has traditionally been. But damn this team needs some rebounding, and I daresay because of that Brockman has a shot at the rotation. We know Paul Westphal likes him. We'll see what shakes out come preseason.