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30Q: Who Will Be Sacramento's Whipping Boy?

30Q asks the important questions about the Kings all through September.

A 17-win season obviously brings plenty of blame for all parties involved. And no one expects this team to break the 30-win mark, so it follows that blame will follow. Even for us, the reasonable, reasonably balanced longview fans who know that you don't grow without growing pains, we'll find a whipping boy or two.

Last year, we had Beno Udrih. And Mikki Moore. And Reggie Theus. And Kenny Natt. And eventually Rashad McCants. And a touch of Will Solomon. And of course Kenny Thomas. And a touch, in some corners, of Kevin Martin.

It's impossible to know who will suck or get injured, and sucking and getting injured tend to be the routes toward whipping boy status. But we can always guess irresponsibly, right? Right.