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30Q: Will the Kings Land a Jersey Sponsor?

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30Q asks the important questions about the Kings all through September.

The NBA is now allowing teams to sell ad space on their practice jerseys. The Nets and Suns have found sponsors -- the Suns pulled "mid six figures" for a sponsorship of their practice jerseys and practice court. The Maloofs had previously embraced the NBA decision, and I suspect will have a sponsor soon.

But whom?

I'm bad at funny, so I'm playing it straight and going with the obvious choice.


Fast food chain Carl's Jr. has already sponsored everything from team web videos to photos of the Sacramento Kings Dance Team's tour of Iraq (seriously) to Chuck Person's job. Why not the jerseys, too? ($6 Double Bacon Western is a heckuva pregame meal, I hear. It's the real reason Greg Ostertag is trying to come back.)

More realistic options after the jump. Your hilarious suggestions in the comments.

When 110% awareness saturation isn't enough, there's the Palms practice jersey!


According to a big Bee story last week, a mess of legislators attended the Chris Webber jersey retirement on lobbyists' dimes. So why don't we just cut out the middle man and have the state government sponsor the team?


And now completely unrelated, but owing to the fact that I got a bit hopped up on multivitamins and coffee early this morning and got unhinged with the Photoshop, my interpretation of a meme that happened to coincide with a Skeets call to action.


And the reaction shot ...