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30Q: Will Sean May Drop Jaws?

30Q asks the important questions about the Kings all through September.

The early reviews out of Natomas -- and by early reviews, I mean glimpses of a recent voluntary workout provided by the franchise -- are that Sean May is in, all things considered, incredible shape. That's the first step of May's comeback, being in shape. Because as has been written about May for years now, he has the talent. He has the skill. He can play.

While the minutes were limited because of injuries, May scored at a +17 points/36 minutes rate his first two seasons. In that second season (in which he played a total of 838 minutes), he got those points on 50% shooting. He has historically drawn fouls at a pace roughly even to that of Jason Thompson, which would be behind only Kevin Martin and (assumedly) Tyreke Evans. He might be the most completely rebounder on the roster not named Jon Brockman, with a career offensive rebounding rate behind just Thompson, and a defensive rebound rate behind just Spencer Hawes. (Again, Brockman should take the top spot in both categories.)

Save for last season, May doesn't commit many turnovers per possession. That's huge for this team: May should be able to come in, rebound, take some shots, and not give away the ball. Shelden Williams was a superior rebounder and defender ... but he coughed up the ball incessantly. Being a strong offensive rebounder is dampened by slippery stone hands. May has good hands.

I'm not sure May will end up producing as well as Ike Diogu this season. But if there's so much as a conversation -- if May wows us on the court as much as he has wowed us on tape -- it'll be a win for the Kings. This team needs pleasant surprises, and a rejuvenated, powerful May would be a great way to start.

We'll see it for real on October 6, when the preseason kicks off. Can't wait.