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Dreadlocked Man of Mystery: Jermareo Davidson

In the wake of that workout video from Natomas the Kings dropped online last night, two major questions sprung up:

  1. What is Bobby Jackson doing there?
  2. Who is that tall lanky dude with dreadlocks?

Jackson is there to keep in shape while waiting for a contract offer from one of the contenders out there. He happens to be a better option to run the point during a scrimmage than, say, Randy Brown. (If that joke escapes you, former assistant coach Brown had epic shooting contests with Kings players during his tenure here. There's something to be said about not having coaches who wish they were still players.)

The mysterious dreadlocked man is one Jermareo Davidson, former Bobcat and Warrior. Davidson was the 37th pick in 2007; the Warriors immediately traded him with Jason Richardson to Charlotte in exchange for Brandan Wright. Last season, Davidson got a cup of coffee with Golden State. He was actually on the roster a good deal of the season, though, which means he has a limited D-League ledger. What's there is good: 16/11 in 34 minutes with Idaho last year. (It's worth noting that current Kings assistant Bryan Gates coaches Davidson at Idaho.)

Davidson will be a participant in the Kings' camp beginning next week. He's in the same boat as Desmond Mason: no guaranteed roster spot, no guaranteed salary. (On that note, considering that Davidson is young, a D-League product and a center, I should offer a hearty applause to the Kings front office. This is what we need.) Sacramento may not even carry 14 players, so it's possible none of the nonguaranteed players could get a spot. But if Mason or Davidson (or any of the others who will come to town -- think Nik Caner-Medley in years past) win hearts, we'll have a 14-player roster.