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30Q: Is Donte Greene Ready?

30Q asks the important questions about the Kings all through September.


Over the past few months, the community here at Sactown Royalty has probably fought over Donte Greene more than any other player not named Ricky. He is a divisive force. Some (myself included) think he has star potential. Other think he's a waste of a roster spot, on the fast track to Gerald Greendom.

I won't go over the stats, because they are awful. Or the highlights, because they are few. Or the signs, because they are fuzzy. Donte is visceral -- I'm of the mind you know within a second of watching him on the court whether you're pro-Donte or anti-Donte. Assuming we've all seen at least one second of Donte on the court, we should all have an opinion.

Let's hear it.

(Note: if you vote 'maybe,' you have no soul.)