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30Q: How Will Beno Udrih Respond?

30Q asks the important questions about the Kings all through September.

Earlier this offseason, I broke down why and how Beno Udrih broke down last year. Beno took about 20 games to go from a player a reasonable share (if not a majority) of fans accepted at the full mid-level exception, to a player everyone in town hated. Beno looked weak, lethargic, slow, completely defendable and completely indefensible.

Certainly, the team put the ball back in his court. If Beno begins preseason as the starter, it is an honorary position. The Kings drafted Tyreke Evans to play point guard, and trade down six spots in the high second round for point guard Sergio Rodriguez. This was not the creation of cursory, default pressure on the depth chart. The front office basically opened fire on Beno. This isn't subjecting Beno to a challenge from a rookie -- this is trying to make Beno the Kenny Thomas of the backcourt.

No one has nice things to say about Beno's spirit. Ever. So I'm not optimistic. But as one of the more highly paid Kings and who has not yet been completely K-9'd, he merits consideration as a member of the team heading into camp. It is my opinion that we shall see quite quickly whether he'll fight for relevance or instead fade away. It is in the best interest of the team that he fight, so, again, here's to hope.