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In Which ABC's New Drama "Flash Forward" Endears Itself to a Nation of Kings Fans

And Blazers, Spurs, Rockets, Celtics, Suns, Mavericks, Nuggets, Jazz, Clippers, Warriors, Sonics (RIP), Knicks and Bulls fans, I suppose. Kurt from Forum Blue and Gold tells the tale:

For those of you that watched Flash Forward last night, we have no idea where Kobe or the Lakers will be on April 29. If you’re going to watch the show, here comes the SPOILER ALERT: In the show, everybody on the planet blacks out and has a vision of a specific time in the future, the evening of April 29 (10 p.m. LA Time). One of the characters, reading the sports page on the john, says that he reads a story about Kobe blowing out an ACL and being out for the season. Well, he’d be out for the playoffs as the Lakers end the regular season on April 14. No way to know what the Lakers schedule will be then yet. But let’s hope that this show doesn’t foreshadow anything.

If you don't give Flash Forward a compulsory Season Pass at this point, you can turn in your Kings Fan Card.