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On Avatars, Political and Otherwise

There was a bit of an annoying argument in a FanPost over the weekend. The writer of said FanPost has a politically charged avatar, and though the writer did not mention his politics in the FanPost, someone noted that the avatar was in bad taste, and things devolved from there. Once we reached the 90-10 noise-to-signal ratio, section214 kindly closed the thread to new comments.

This is annoying. I'm not going to police your avatars. No one here should be policing avatars. It's irrelevant. I honestly wish I could ban all avatars, so we could be judged solely on the content of our content. But alas, I cannot, so I will instead use my powers as a regional tastemaker to convince those with potentially offensive avatars (on both sides of the aisle) to change to something ... fluffier.

I hope this works, because Plan B is the complete destruction of life on Planet Earth by microwave rays, and I really don't feel up to that today.