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Sacramento Kings Media Day Errata

  • Paul Westphal knows how to talk. His first question in the media scrum was on how he chose his assistant coaches. Twelve minutes later, he got his second question. Saying he is long-winded is a disservice to marine mammals. (I'll have something on Westphal for FanHouse later.)
  • Tyreke Evans has a bobblehead. There it be in yar photograph. He was not happy with the representation of his hair. Jason Thompson, Kevin Martin and Spencer Hawes also had bobbleheads, though no one made a big deal about those because they are old news.
  • No Gavin or Joe Maloof in the building, though both are expected in Sacramento later this week.
  • Seriously, Beno Udrih was on fire. Sam Amick had a long chat with him, and Sam says he'll have a piece on Udrih on Wednesday. You should look forward to that.
  • Desmond Mason, who was a pleasure to talk to, made a great point about the Glory Era Kings that gets ignored a lot: they -- Webber, Divac, Peja, Bibby, Christie -- were incredibly solid with the fundamentals of the game. Mason said it's important for the team to get its base there and work upwards. Can't agree more.
  • Mason on why he doesn't do any of the social networking/media stuff: "If you don't have my email, then I don't want to talk to you." Fair enough.
  • Francisco Garcia said the decision to sit out the Dominican Republic's final two games in the FIBA Americas tournament was a joint decision between he and the Kings staff. His finger is perfectly fine now, though, he said.
  • Lanny Smith is a good dude. He said new assistant coach Bryan Gates can be strict when needed, but is usually a player's coach who won't force his charges into roles they won't fit in. Smith said in Kings camp he hopes to prove to the league he can play at this level.
  • I'll have something on Kevin Martin here at StR in the morning. Some lofty words about the team and the coaching staff.
  • Jason Thompson is the type of guy who comes off extremely comfortable ... and perfectly calm, but enthusiastic all the same. He said he plans to be more vocal on the court and in the locker room, but admitted leadership comes with time, and he's still just a kid on this team. He was also pretty sober about expectations for himself and the team. He will not be tweeting during games. And if he could be a superhero, he'd be Captain America, who "has swag." Jason Thompson, you are a smart man.
  • Donte Greene is afraid of Sactown Royalty. He enjoyed the Spencer Hawes-Nate Robinson video, though.
  • Sean May looks great, and is very pleasant. He said Rashad McCants had nice things to say about the organization and the players, which is surprisingly, but refreshing.
  • Jon Brockman would like to set the record straight: 21 pancakes. Not 25, not 20. Twenty-one pancakes. Exactly.
  • On the media tip: Zach Harper of Cowbell Kingdom is good people. StR's own rc360, who is a KHTK intern and Sac City College student, is good people. Carmichael Dave does not look like a homeless man. (In fact, you could say he resembles a poker player.) Whitey Gleason of The Rise Guys is great. And finally, there is no thrill quite like hearing Marty McNeal shout, "I'm like WHO THE UFCK IS TOM ZILLER!" Seriously.