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Kings Errata, September 30: Beno Udrih's Swag, Kevin Johnson's Arena Push

Sacramento Bee: Beno Udrih will have to fight to keep point guard job
Sam Amick gets at the less vitriolic side of Beno Udrih, incumbent starting point guard.

StR FanPost: A Loyal Small Market Fan: The Reasoning behind the Insanity
A must-read FanPost from here at Sactown Royalty on why we root.

Sacramento Press: Mayor Kevin Johnson: New arena is a "front-burner" issue 
Mayor KJ keeps hitting on the arena issue. It'd be interesting to find out how much of this is welcomed by John Moag of the NBA, if not the Maloofs.

More after le hop.

KCRA: W. Sac 'Hungry' To Change Bad Rep
The mayor of West Sacramento tells KCRA's Walt Gray that a potential Kings arena is too big a project for his city to take on. So at least we're clear that an arena is a bigger undertaking than an IKEA. (A bit surprising, that.)

Associated Press: New Kings Coach Westphal Emphasizes Improvement
Some soft quotes from Paul Westphal on media day.

The Dream Shake: Rockets sign Romel Beck instead of Rashad McCants
Rashad McCants just can't catch a break.

LA Times: Top pick Blake Griffin on sidelines as Clippers open camp
RoY watch: Griffin could be out a week of training camp with some patellar nonsense. I'm knocking furiously on wood will discussed rookie injuries, of course. Tyreke Evans Interview Jason Thompson Interview Andres Nocioni Interview
We posted the Westphal and Martin interviews on the front page, but here are a few more from the morning session in Natomas yesterday. Someone should install an amplifier on Tyreke's mouth.

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