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Waiting For Tyreke Evans's MRI Result, Contemplating Kings Fatalism

While we wait to hear the results of Tyreke Evans's MRI -- he strained his knee ligament during yesterday's morning practice, sat out the evening scrimmage and sat out today's morning practice -- it's worth noting how panicky knees get us. You don't need the song. You know it's because Chris Webber blew his wheel in Game 2 of the 2003 Western semis, and that Spencer Hawes had microfracture at age 14. And I understand.

But MRIs are as common as daffodils these days. Lest we forget that Hawes himself suffered a knee injury gruesome enough to require assistance to get him off the floor last April, in the season's penultimate game against Denver. An MRI taken the next day revealed a strain, nothing more. Heck, Hawes had to have arthroscopic knee surgery at the beginning of preseason his rookie season ... and was back on the court November 10.

I'm knocking on wood furiously, and my two black cats have been sequestered in a water closet indefinitely. But let's not schedule a candlelight vigil just yet, OK?