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Upon Kevin Martin's Return

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With the news Kevin Martin will likely return Friday against Philadelphia, it's worth looking back to see how quickly Martin got back into the flow after previous long lay-offs.

In 2007-08, Martin missed five weeks of action with a severe groin strain. In his first game back, he played 28 minutes off the bench. He scored 25 points on 93 percent True Shooting (7/9 floor, 1/1 three, 10/10 line). In the next game, against the Mavericks, Martin scored 39 points on 94 percent True Shooting (14/16 floor, 2/2 three, 9/11 line) in 27 minutes. In first five games back from injury, he averaged 26 points in 31 minutes on 75 percent True Shooting. (League average True Shooting, by the way, is about 54 percent.)

Last season, Martin missed three weeks due to bone chips in his ankle. In his first five games back, he averaged 30 points in 36 minutes on 66 percent True Shooting. In the third game back, he scored 45 points on 77 percent True Shooting (13/24 floor, 7/12 three, 12/12 line) and added six assists.

Martin is always really good. Coming off an injury, he's been even better.