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The Jose Calderon-Kevin Martin Rumors Make No Sense

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Chad Ford published a list of 25 players most likely to be traded, and the only King on the list is Kenny Thomas. But another passage of the column has Raptors fans drooling, Kings fans apoplectic, and the entire population of those who care completely confused.

In the entry on Jose Calderon, Ford writes:

There have been rumblings of a Calderon-Kevin Martin swap. The move would give the Raptors a lot of offensive firepower, but it would also cement their status as one of the worst defensive teams ever.

Calderon is due $37.5 million through 2013. Martin is due $44 million over that same span. No one -- no one -- would argue Calderon is worth more than Martin, and few would argue Calderon at $37.5 million over four years is worth more than Martin for $44 million. It's a completely unbalanced swap.

Unbalanced swaps happen, sure. But that comes when a team is desperate to save money (the Kings would save almost nothing on an annual basis), when they absolutely need to get rid of a problem player (umm ...) or when they have a devastating positional need. No matter what Chad Ford, John Hollinger and Bill Simmons believe, the Kings have a point guard. The overwhelming leader in the Rookie of the Year race. A 20-5-5 player. A future All-Star. A potential future MVP candidate. We have a point guard, y'all.

Even if you think Tyreke Evans will wake up someday and announce he is no longer a point guard, or if you think Paul Westphal will be hypnotized by some urban witch doctor and decide Evans is no longer a point guard, the team has Beno Udrih and Sergio Rodriguez. Udrih is owed $26.6 million through 2013, some $11 million gross less than Calderon. Jose is the better point guard, sure. But if you have Beno, do you need a Calderon? Finally, Sergio is a restricted free agent this summer. If the Kings decided they absolutely needed to play Evans at the two -- something they have never broached, not once, nor have they needed to -- they could likely keep Rodriguez cheaply. Surely, Beno+Sergio would cost less than Calderon ... and it wouldn't involve giving up one of the best scorers in the league!

In conclusion, this trade rumor is nonsensical. Don't blame Ford -- and really, I don't want this thread to become a Ford/ESPN hatefest, please don't sink to that -- as he has to report the rumors he hears. Ford is just doing his job. But just know that unless Geoff Petrie had a secret brain transplant in which a chunk of granite was embedded in his skull, this ain't happening. Ain't happening.