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Preview: Kings at Wizards

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New t-shirt at the store. I owe Ball in Cup one, but I'm not positive this design looks good given the size I had to blow it up to. BUYER BEWARE!!!! I should have a verdict on whether it's wearable soon enough.

Sactown Royalty is on Facebook.


The Wizards have the East's second worst record, and have lost four straight, and five of six since Gilbert Arenas's suspension. Antawn Jamison is averaging 23/9. The Wizards are bottom 10 in offense and defense. Obviously, the team has been a wee bit distracted. Washington played last night in Chicago, losing in double overtime. Jamison and Caron Butler combined for 61, but Derrick Rose went the uffchk off, scoring 37.


I hold no illusion Jason Thompson (mostly brilliant in Philadelphia) can hang with Jamison, so let's turn to Caron Butler vs. Omri Casspi/Donte Greene. I haven't heard anything yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if The Show got the start. If he does, we'll see how a more defensive-minded line-up works with Kevin Martin starting. If Omri starts and again plays the bulk of the minutes, let's hope his offense gets on track enough to relieve some pressure from Tyreke Evans and Martin.


Kings by 14. Keep the faith!


Spencer Hawes will outscore Andray Blatche.


Jon Brockman will eat a felony charge and crap a plea bargain.


4PM tip. One game thread at 4, a post-gamer at 6:45, a recap tomorrow.

Take it away, HighTops!