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Still Lacking Steam! Fire More Coal! Wizards 96, Kings 86

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When the going gets rough, the rough get tables.

Top Duos Minutes Points Shots* Pt/Shot Assists Turnovers
Martin/Evans 78 44 43 1.02 11 3
Jamison/Butler 75 33 34 0.97 3 1

Everyone Else Minutes Points Shots Pt/Shot Assists Turnovers
Kings 162 42 49 0.86 9 12
Wizards 159 63 56 1.13 16 9

I don't mean to oversimplify, but geez, man. Adding a scorer does not allow all other members of the team. In fact, quite to the contrary, if this team is going to play well on offense, it needs to play as it did when it was a desperate overachiever. That desperate modus operandi has been mostly dead since New Year's Day, and Sacramento desperately needs it back.

If the roster top to bottom doesn't improve right now, this will be an 0-6 road trip, and we're going to be opening Saturday afternoon draft watch threads while forgetting to schedule open game threads (whoops!).