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Acknowledgement, and Resolution

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I know that I'm considered to be in the tank for Kevin Martin. This blog started just as Kevin Martin rose from anonymity to stardom. Save for a few minor rookie moments, this blog has basically covered every day of Martin as a King, Martin as an NBA player. And Martin -- undersung for so long, worthy and desperate for deeper inspection -- is the perfect blogger vessel. I could point out things about Martin most non-Kings fans would never see. I could go into deep detail about facets of his game, and it'd be new to 90 percent of the population. If I say something about Tyreke Evans? Well, everyone watches Tyreke Evans. It's hard to be original talking about the same thing as everyone else.

I feel comfortable saying that over the past 4-1/2 years, I've become the blog world's Kevin Martin expert. Martin has made it easy -- don't get me wrong. I mean, there's a reason I'm not the blog world's, er, Quincy Douby expert. (Or am I?) Martin has become a veritable star, and I've been covering him like a beat for almost five years. There's no denying that he gets more basketball leeway from me, more deference when his play is off. That critics of Martin get a more critical reaction from me, and obviously others here who have been around and feel the same way.


That said, Martin has been back three games. In Game 1, he was easily the second best King -- only he and Jason Thompson played well. In Game 2, he was easily the best or second best King -- only he and Tyreke Evans played well. In Game 3, he didn't play well, and the team almost completed a 24-point comeback without him on the court.

Everyone is in such a rush to declare this or that, with "this" the impending doom of Martin as a King and "that" the greatest backcourt in the history of basketball. "This" nor "that" is likely real, or even close. The whole world is gray. Maybe Martin-Evans doesn't work as well as hoped. Maybe Martin-Evans works just fine. I would say that through three games, we don't know. I would say we need time for observation. If it turns out this experiment has failed, then move to pursuance. Until then, try to enjoy the show.