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All I Want Is Immediate Gratification

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I'm really frustrated right now.  This Kings team just isn't living up to the expectations I had set for them 2 weeks ago.  I mean, sure, at the start of the season I expected around 20-25 wins, but then I decided that I wanted the Kings to be in the playoffs.  How dare they not reach my constantly changing expectations.  How dare they.

Curse you, Paul Westphal.  I advocated so strongly for Eddie Jordan, thinking that anything short of him would be a consolation prize.  I mean, sure, you took a team that many fealt had less talent, and you've exceeded preseason expectations.  Sure, the Kings have a nearly identical record to Eddie Jordan's 76ers, while playing in the tougher Western Conference.  But c'mon, a 6 game losing streak?  Clearly I was right all along.

And what about that Kevin Martin guy?  I expected him to be an All-Star this season!  But an fractured wrist derailed that dream.  No excuse, I say.  Drink some milk and walk it off!

And the rest of the team?  Don't even get me started!  Sure, when Martin went down I figured the team was doomed, but they actual played really well.  So well that they made me expect even more out of them.  Overachieving is not enough!  The bastards.

Donté Greene, I'm pretty sure we had decided that you didn't belong in this league.  Then you go and transform yourself into a legitimate defensive force, and you improve your offensive contributions as well.  Now I expect so much more.  If you aren't 1st Team All-Defense, I'm going to demand that you be traded for expiring contracts.

Tyreke Evans.  Oh, Tyreke Evans.  You're no Ricky Rubio, that's for darn sure!

I suppose we could all go around dwelling on the suprisingly positive aspects of this season, but it's Championship or bust in my mind!  If we're not going to win it all, we might as well be tanking so we can have the best statistical odds of getting John Wall, right? 

Is a little immediate gratification too much to ask?