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The Not-so-Asinine Trade Post

With the trade deadline coming up in less than a month (February 19th to be exact), I thought it would be prudent to discuss what possibilities could exist. But I realized that I couldn't possibly know what each team needed as I only truly follow the Kings closely, and although I have a solid grasp on quite a few teams needs, nobody knows their team better than the passionate fans that follow them.

So I contacted Blogger Fans from around the Interwebs (mostly SBN, the TrueHoop Network, and the Fansided Network) in order to get a little bit of information about their team (the amount of information I gleaned varied from person to person, so I'll have more on some teams than others), and for a little bit of outsider perspective from them (asking them what players from the Kings they would want on their team, besides Tyreke of course, who is perhaps the only truly untouchable asset). We as Kings fans tend to not have a totally realistic value of our players, or at least attribute a different value to our players than fans of other teams. So I hope you enjoy the read, and hopefully learn a lot. Thank you to all those who took the time to respond to my e-mails/fanposts.

Note: Clicking on each teams logo will link to their salary cap information from It opens in a new window.


Atlantic Division:


Source: Roy Hobbs, Editor for Celtics Blog

  • Team Needs: "Our biggest needs are backup PG and backup SF, and overall we could use younger / more athletic players (who have some fundamental skills)."
  • Who Would You Want: "You guys have a few that are interesting. Kevin Martin, Jason Thompson, and Spencer Hawes have to be pretty desirable to most teams out there."
  • My Analysis: Boston is built to compete for a title for the next 2-3 years, and thats why a player like Nocioni could be very valuable to them. Of all the teams that might have an interest in Noc, Boston has always been one that makes the most sense. They have the expirings and the need. They're also in a little bit of a slump and might think they can use the help.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: I know Boston would love to trade Ray Allen to us for Martin and Kenny Thomas, but the Kings wouldn't do that. More likely, and very possible, is the Kings trading Nocioni for Scalabrine and House/T. Allen. I'm pretty sure that at this point, the Kings will take any expirings for Noc and if Boston calls, the deal will be done. But other than a Noc deal, nothing else makes much sense. The C's could want Sergio, but other teams could offer better deals for Sergio. Not many teams would want to take on Nocioni.


Source: NetsDaily, Manager of Nets Daily

  • Team Needs: "The Nets need defense, rebounding, and shooting. (That's a lot, but hey, they're 3-38 [3-40 as of this reading]) And the forward spots are their biggest weaknesses."
  • Who Would You Want: "Casspi and Thompson, for the reasons above, and because they're young and cheap."
  • My Analysis: It's really difficult to be a Nets fan now, but the Nets have the chance to be rather insanely good in the near future. They have some very good young pieces (Brook Lopez and Devin Harris are All-Star Talents) and some other good young guys with promise (CDR, Courtney Lee, Yi, Terrence Williams), a top 4 pick in the draft and the best chance to win the John Wall sweepstakes (it's pretty much guaranteed they're going to finish last), and a ton of cap space next year with a new billionaire owner. Of the players on the Nets, the only one I'm remotely interested in is Brook, and if the Nets know what's good for them, they won't trade him for anyone. Dominant centers are the hardest thing to get, and they have one.
  • Likelihood of a Trade between us: I'll let NetsDaily take it from here: "I don't find it very likely that these teams would make a deal, because they're both in the same position: trying to put together a talented, young core. Neither team really has much redundancy at this point either."


Source: Seth, Manager of Posting and Toasting

  • Team Needs: "The Knicks desperately need a pure point guard. Chris Duhon is billed as such, but has only occasionally shown the attacking ability and court vision necessary to quarterback the D'Antoni offense. Nate Robinson, too, has had trouble managing the ball and setting up the offense. The team's ball movement as a whole struggles when those two don't have it going."
  • Who Would You Want: "The two most desirable Kings would have to be Kevin Martin (just because any team would benefit from such a talented scorer. I think he'd flourish under D'Antoni.) and Sergio Rodriguez, because he's got solid point guard skills and a manageable contract."
  • My Analysis: The Knicks are not looking to add any salary. And they need a point guard. Sergio Rodriguez would be absolutely perfect for them in both ways. But is there anyone we would want? David Lee is someone I've always been interested in, but the Knicks are likely not giving him up. They also probably aren't going to give up someone like Jordan Hill for Sergio unless we take Jeffries or Curry, both contracts which I want the Kings to stay away from. I really like Marcus Landry and Wilson Chandler, but the last thing the Kings need is another wing. Darko could work here, but he's reportedly leaving the NBA no matter what next year. After that, there is the possibility of Nate Robinson, who the Kings have admittedly shown interest in before (I don't really like him), and the person I do like, Toney Douglas.
  • Likelihood of a Trade between us: I don't see the Kings wanting to take on either of Jeffries or Curry's contracts, so unless they're willing to simply offer a trade of expiring contracts, something like Seth thought of, Darko and Nate for Sergio and K-9, I don't see it happening. There really aren't that many guys on the Knicks the Kings could be interested in.


Source: J. Sams, Co-Manager of Liberty Ballers

  • Team Needs: "We need shooters, a go-to scorer at the end of games, and a center to anchor the defense in the future."
  • Who Would You Want: "Omri Casspi and Jon Brockman (or any expiring contracts). Casspi because he's a classic glue guy every contender needs and a good shooter who's better than Jason Kapono on defense. Brockman for some of the same reasons."
  • My Analysis: Philadelphia would love to shed some salary, and there isn't anybody out there who is touching Elton Brand's contract, so that leaves Iguodala and Dalembert as big contracts Philly might try to move. I like Iggy, but I think his game wouldn't mesh very well with Tyreke's, mainly because they're both slashers and not very good perimeter shooters. Dalembert has been playing very well as of late, averaging the 2nd most rebounds and blocks of his career while adding 8 points on 53% shooting. Another thing about Sam, he hasn't missed a game since 2006 and has 4 seasons of 82 games played. I actually would not mind Sammy D on the Kings right now. I don't consider us players in the 2010 market anyway.
  • Likelihood of a Trade Between us: I think that Dalembert will definitely re-surface in rumors before the deadline, and Sacramento will once again be linked. He fits a need (Great shot blocker, Great Defensive Rebounder), and will be an expiring next year. Dalembert for K-9 and Armstrong works, and it saves the Sixers almost $13 million next year, in a draft that they can likely find a quality big man. I would not be surprised to see Dalembert come to Sacramento at or near the deadline.


Source: Vicious D, Writer for Raptors HQ

  • Team Needs: "Depends on who you ask. If it's about this actual team that we have, we need a real Small Forward who will attack the interior more than once in a blue moon. A guy that will at least give you rebounding if they aren't making shots. Sad thing right now is that we lost two of the better options available in Carlos Delfino as well as in Shawn Marion. Hedo Turkoglu, while you can argue about his many talents, is not one of those physical presences despite his size. With Bargnani shooting from the outside most nights, although he does have some ability to rebound or at least block out, the Raptors need someone else besides Chris Bosh to actually grab them. Unfortunately, Turkoglu isn't that guy."
  • Who Would You Want: "I think most people would automatically go with Garcia and Martin if they were looking at pure fantasy stats. However, if I were to look at this team, I would like Martin along with a guy like Spencer Hawes. I think a guy like Spencer Hawes is intriguing at his salary and would help the Raptors as far as an additional interior presences is concerned."
  • Who Would You Want for Chris Bosh?: Because Bosh is perhaps the most coveted non-King for us StR types, I decided to give Vicious a special bonus question which he took the time to answer for me. "Youth and draft picks. If the Raptors were to let their franchise player go, it would mean that the Raptors would need some youthful talent come back to give us some hope. The Raptors would definitely need Spencer Hawes or another center in return, would need a multitude of draft picks so that they can draft some new talent, and would probably want to bring in some of the Kings' expiring contracts so they could hunt down an additional piece or two in the summer. I'm sure the Raptors fan base would take the news hard, but the rebuild process would be quicker with those pieces. " So it looks like they'd probably want Spencer or Jason, our unprotected draft pick in 2010, and expirings. I think he makes a good point in asking for Expirings instead of Martin. The Raptors just spent a lotto pick on someone they think could be their shooting guard for years, and Martin doesn't really fit a need while his salary would eat up at their space for quite a few years. Perhaps they'd want to include a Martin for Calderon deal in any Bosh swap and I think that would be fair.
  • My Analysis: There is only one Raptor I covet, and I think we all covet him: Chris Bosh. Unfortunately for the Kings, I doubt he will be made available at the trade deadline for reasons I will make clear below. Other than Bosh, I really don't like the Calderon for Martin rumors for the Kings, but Amir Johnson is someone I think we could use. He's basically Tyrus Thomas-lite. I'm sure the Raptors would love to unload Hedo, but there isn't any way the Kings are taking on that massive contract for a declining player.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Slim. The Raptors have little incentive to trade Bosh or Johnson to the Kings. Johnson merely because he's an expiring and a useful bench player, and Bosh because they would be absolutely stupid to trade him at the deadline. They can offer more money and more years than any other team in the league for him. If he really wants to leave, he would have to give up at least 20 million dollars, something no player has done. Unless someone offers the Raptors a deal that is too good to pass up, I see Bosh staying in Toronto, at least until the offseason. If he were made available, the Kings would likely be one of the teams trying to go after him, and I'm sure Petrie has at least sent feelers. But is Bosh worth getting rid of at least 2 quality players and a likely top 10 draft pick in a big heavy draft? I think you have to say yes, merely because he's already proven his worth. But I think the Kings might choose to go the cheap route and try to get their big of the future via the draft. Lucking out in the lottery would be a huge help, but obviously not something you should count on.

Central Division:


Source: Stormin' Norman Disciple of Pippen Aint Easy and Not Qualified to Comment

  • Team Needs: "As has been much publicized, the Bulls biggest obvious need is a scoring big man since they are so reliant on the mid-range jumper. The other need that I have spoken about constantly on NQTC is a big guard that can shoot the 3. No one can score from 3-point land on the Bulls right now (and don't say Salmons, he's not the same Salmons as last year)."
  • Who Would You Want: "Kevin Martin and Andres Nocioni. I know Noce isn't hitting 3s as much this season, but even his bad % would be great for the Bulls."
  • My Analysis: The Bulls have one guy I am very interested in: Tyrus Thomas. Thomas is a very athletic, young PF, with great shotblocking ability and decent rebounding. He hasn't yet played with any consistency, but Chicago has been very down on him, and are reportedly willing to shop him. Perhaps Noce and Beno could be given for Tyrus and Kirk, but Kirk's salary is quite ridiculous for someone who really isn't that good. The Kings could definitely use Noah, but he's probably untouchable.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: It's possible, especially if the rumors of the Bulls still liking Nocioni are true. The thing about a trade with Chicago though is that someone is going to have to take on a bad contract. Chicago doesn't want to ruin too much of its cap space for next year. I think the Kings will definitely take a long look at Tyrus and see if trying to make a deal for him is worth it. Other than Tyrus though, there's nobody that the Bulls might be willing to deal that the Kings might want.


Source: John Bena, Manager of Fear the Sword

  • Team Needs: " If the Cavaliers have needs it seems they change on a day-to-day basis. A week ago I would have said the Cavaliers need a PF that could score and stretch defenses out of the lane to give LeBron more room to do what he does attacking the basket. Then Mo Williams and Delonte West got hurt. That leaves the back-court of the Cavaliers incredibly weak. The Cavs are now 3-0 without Williams, 2-0 without West, including wins over the Lakers, Thunder and Heat. The Cavs look like they are going to try and get through it, but fans should suspect down-to-the-wire games like we saw against the Heat until the Cavs get healthier."
  • Who Would You Want: "Right now, only one player peaks my interest - Kevin Martin. Martin would supply the Cavaliers another scoring threat, something they can never have enough of. Bringing in Martin would take further pressure off LeBron and would allow James to work more from the post where he is really unstoppable, if he really focused on staying down there."
  • My Analysis: The Cavaliers are only going to focus on trades that will help them win a championship, and perhaps not even then, as they're currently on pace to finish with the best record in the league again. But whatever trade they do would have to be a talent upgrade for them. They would love to have Kevin Martin, but there isn't anyone on the Cavs roster other than James that is better than Martin. They could perhaps be interested in Nocioni as a stretch 4, but I doubt it. Too much long-term salary for someone who isn't nearly as good of an option as Troy Murphy or Antawn Jamison. Now there are a couple of people I like on the Cavs: JJ Hickson, and Leon Powe. The thing about a Hickson is he's a good scorer, but lacks enough defending and rebounding, and Powe is coming back from another huge injury and won't be available to play till February.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Very, very unlikely. The Cavs might be willing to throw a Powe or Jawad Williams for Sergio, but I don't see why the Kings would do it when there would likely be other better options. Kevin Martin would be perfect on Cleveland next to James, but the Cavs would definitely need other teams to be involved since they have nobody the Kings would want for Martin. The Cavs are focused on a Championship now so they can convince LeBron to stay. Martin is pretty much the only player on the roster that would help them do that, and he's not going to Cleveland.


Source: Brian Packey, Co-Manager of Detroit Bad Boys

  • Team Needs: "Some Pistons fans think the team needs a true point guard because Rodney Stuckey is not the guy, but I think that's still up in the air. What this team really needs, and I think all Pistons fans can agree on this, is a big man that can score and match up with the other bigs, like KG and Dwight Howard. Charlie Villanueva, somewhat surprisingly, is very efficient in the post, but he's a stretch forward like Rasheed Wallace was. Ben Wallace can defend with the best of them, but he's not a scorer and he won't be around much longer."
  • Who Would You Want: "You sure we can't have Evans? First guy that gets my attention is Spencer Hawes. He's young, he can score (from all over, too), and maybe most important, he's a seven footer. He kind of reminds me of Mehmet Okur, who coincidentally the Pistons had when they won the 'ship in 2004. Other than Evans and Hawes, I'd love to have Kevin Martin (who I had the pleasure of seeing play all the way back when he was at Western Carolina), but that's just not feasible considering the Pistons have more than enough guards as is. Casspi is another guy that has brought up on our site as a guy the Pistons maybe shouldn't have passed on in the first round. Despite the numbers being in favor of Casspi, I don't know if I would make the trade-off."
  • My Analysis: The Pistons probably want to get rid of at least one, if not both, of the combo of Rip Hamilton/Tayshaun Prince. Both those guys are eating up a lot of cap space, play the same position as new member Ben Gordon, and are on the downswing of the careers. I also don't want the Kings anywhere near those guys. Maxiell looks like he could be what we need on paper, but honestly he's not a starter quality player and yet he makes $5 million a year for 3 more years. The only guy I could see the Kings trying to make a move for in my opinion? Kwame Brown. Yes, he's a bust, but right now he's a cheap center who is a good defensive rebounder and decent interior defender.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Not good. If the Kings did want to acquire Brown, all it would take would be Hilton Armstrong, thanks to the 125% rule and it would save the Pistons a little bit of money, which could be something they're looking for, since reports are that the team is for sale. Other than that though, I don't see the Kings wanting any of the Pistons big contracts, and I don't see the Pistons willing to give up any of their young, cheap guys.


Source: Tom Lewis, Manager of Indy Cornrows

  • Team Needs: "Need assets in the form of young talent, expiring money for cap space or draft picks. The Pacers have big contracts in Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Jeff Foster, T.J. Ford and Jamaal Tinsley that all come off the books after the 2010-11 season so all of those players are available (not Tinsley obviously, but the rest) for the right deal."
  • Who Would You Want: "Two Kings I'd like to see the Pacers acquire and why: 1. Kenny Thomas for his $8.7 millions expiring contract 2. Kevin Martin - Danny Granger needs another consitent scoring option to run alongside and the Pacers have done well in the past with shooting guards with a strange release. Also, Martin always seems to light it up at Conseco Fieldhouse so why not try it for 41 games."
  • My Analysis: Danny Granger is possibly my favorite player in the league who hasn't donned a Kings jersey. I would love a Martin for Granger swap, but Larry Bird would hang up the phone almost immediately. Troy Murphy would actually be a big help for the Kings, since he can hit his shots and is an absolutely phenomenal defensive rebounder, and not a bad defender either, although he doesn't block shots. K-9 for Murphy would work, but the Cavs could and probably would outbid us. We all know how underrated a rebounder Jeff Foster is as well, and I wouldn't mind seeing him in a Kings Uni if we could unload Noc for him, but the Pacers aren't looking to add money. I don't want to be anywhere near Dunleavy or Ford, both players who don't really deserve their contracts. Tom thinks that Ford could work well next to Evans, but I'd rather have Kevin Martin any day of the week. Hibbert and Hansbrough are nice young pieces, but the Kings could have had Hibbert if they wanted and stuck with JT instead. Hibbert is also probably considered untouchable by Bird unless something blows him over.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: I definitely see Troy Murphy moving at the deadline, and I think the Kings could definitely be interested. He doesn't really help our Interior D, but he's a better interior defender than JT or Spencer, and one of the best defensive rebounders in the league, which would help us tremendously. The Kings could probably offer something more palatable to the Pacers than the Cavs as well, since K-9's expiring would be less money than Murphy's contract and the only expiring the Cavs have is Z, who is at $11.5 million. The Pacers would shave some long term money dealing Murphy for Z, but they would lose some short term, while they would gain some short term money by dealing for K-9. The Kings could also probably sweeten the deal with Sergio for Earl Watson or something. Foster could be another player the Kings go after.


Source: Frank Madden, Manager of Brew Hoop

  • Team Needs: "I'd say our major needs are a wing scorer (esp. with Redd done) and an athletic 4/5 (someone who can block shots, rebound, maybe hit an open 15-footer)... What they need more than anything is to hit another home run in the draft, but their decent start to this season may end up being a bit of a curse in the long run given where they'll probably end up drafting. This draft has a ton of quality PFs, but I'm guessing the Bucks won't be bad enough to get a guy like Favors or Ed Davis."
  • Who Would You Want: "Looking at the Kings roster, obviously a healthy Kevin Martin would look great on any roster but I really don't know if the Bucks would add another big contract while Redd is still on the books. I'm a fan of Jason Thompson, but I don't see an obvious deal that makes sense for both teams...I assume you guys would need to be bowled over. Among role players, Garcia would be interesting if he was healthy, but his contract and health status probably make that a non-starter."
  • My Analysis: The Bucks are in a bad spot with Redd's second MCL injury. His contract is huge and its blocking them from being anything other than MLE players next year. Of their other contracts, only Dan Gadzuric's could be considered bad. I like Ersan Ilyasova a lot (I think he's the Turkish Lamar Odom), but I don't see a trade that could work out there, and Omri Casspi does a lot of what he does. Mbah ah Moute is nice, but Donté does a lot of what he does now, and with better scoring.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Slim to none. I guess the Kings could swap Nocioni for Gadzuric's somewhat shorter contract, but Gadzuric, although a decent shotblocker and rebounder, is not that good of a player. Frank takes it from here: "Overall, I wouldn't be disappointed if the Bucks simply stand pat, clear their expirings, draft well and see if they can get a guy like Childress with an MLE deal this summer. At this point I don't see them making a trade that significantly upgrades the roster, but they do have some usable young pieces and expiring deals."

Southeast Division:


Source: hawksdawgs, Manager of Peach Tree Hoops (If you don't like that blog name, you don't like NBA blogs. OH BOY!)

  • Team Needs: "Better perimeter defense and an ability and willingness to take advantage of offensive mismatches with real offensive sets (essentially a better coach)"
  • Who Would You Want: Hawksdawgs likes Omri Casspi and Jason Thompson, "because they fulfill needs at a very reasonable price and have upside."
  • My Analysis: The Hawks roster is quite badass. I want quite a few of them: (Josh Smith, Al Horford, Jeff Teague, Marvin Williams), but unfortunately for our purposes, those are guys that the Hawks probably aren't looking to trade anytime soon, especially not for guys the Kings have. Pachulia is someone the Kings might want to take a look at, but I think his contract is too long. Perhaps Cisco for Pachulia? Pachulia isn't a great rebounder or defender though, although he's a decent scorer and still relatively young (25).
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: No trade will happen between the Hawks and the Kings. Salaries don't match and talent doesn't match. The Hawks are probably set to see what kind of damage they can do with this roster, which on paper is quite tough.


Source: David Arnott, Manager of Rufus on Fire

  • Team Needs: "We need a real power forward to either supplant or back up Boris Diaw, and we need an all around upgrade at center. Right now, at center, we're best with Diaw, because recently he's been rebounding and doing big man things. But without him, we've only got one-dimensional guys like Tyson Chandler, Nazr Mohammed, and DeSagana Diop. Derrick Brown is an intriguing power forward rookie, but he's a 3/4 tweener, and bigger guys will overmatch him."
  • Who Would You Want: "Larry Brown wouldn't like it, but I'd love to see Kevin Martin play the two for the Bobcats with Stephen Jackson at the three, Gerald Wallace at the nominal four, and Boris Diaw at the five. Think of the sheer athleticism and matchup problems! Also, are you ready to take on Tyson Chandler's contract to make that happen? I'd also make Jason Thompson our starting center, but, again, I don't know if there's a trade there."
  • My Analysis: I remember the 2008 draft in which I was hoping the Kings would draft DJ Augustin. I'm glad he wasn't available or it might have happened. The Bobcats really have an abundance of Centers in Nazr Mohammed, Tyson Chandler, Desagna Diop, and Alexis Ajinca. Ajinca is young, but what limited stats we have of him show that he's a horrible rebounder even though he's an ok shotblocker. Now what about Tyson Chandler? His contract is only for one more year and he fits a desperate need, but he's out with yet another foot injury and I don't like the outlook on that. I absolutely love Gerald Wallace, and loved the rumors last year of Brad Miller for Crash, but the Bobcats are definitely not giving him up this year with the way he's playing.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Very unlikely. I remember reading of possible Beno for Diop swaps, and with the way Beno has been playing, this would be a huge talent downgrade for us. Kenny Thomas for Chandler could work, but again, injury problems. David thinks that Augustin for Thompson could work, but I highly doubt the Kings want to pair Augustin with Evans and trade away their possible PF or C of the future (still not sold completely on either of our frontcourt guys).


Source: Lane Mitnick, Manager of All U Can Heat

  • Team Needs: Cap Space, Cap Space, Cap Space
  • Who Would You Want: "The only players they'd consider trading for would be expirings, so looking at your salary list ... I'd guess Kenny Thomas"
  • My Analysis: The Heat are perhaps in the best spot for the 2010 FA market. Not only do they have enough money to sign a max player, like a James, Bosh or Stoudemire, they already have their own Superstar in Wade who they can offer more money and years than any other team, without regards to the salary cap. They also have some nice young pieces like Beasley and Chalmers, who they likely aren't giving up. But none of their other pieces really make sense for Sacramento.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: None. Lane says "The problem with the Heat is they are not going to add 2010 and beyond salary, period, because they want as much $ under the cap for 2010 free agency. They currently have enough to offer another max player and keep Wade at max level + add another mid-level area guy. So there is no way they are adding salary to next year (ie no contracts that last longer than this year). It's a shame, too, because they have valuable assets, like Jermaine O'Neal's insanely high expiring contract, Haslem's contract, etc, to trade, but they have their sights set on 1) LeBron and if he stays in Cleveland 2) Bosh." And there aren't any non-expirings on the Heat roster I would want.


Source: Ben Q. Rock, Manager of Orlando Pinstriped Post

  • Team Needs: "Orlando's needs are mostly mental/intangible right now. The talent is there, but the Magic are in the midst of a 9-11 swoon which has included a 4-game losing streak and a current 3-game skid. As such, any trade is a risky proposition because it will only further complicate the on-court team dynamic. Due to injuries and a suspension, the Magic have only had Vince Carter, Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Jameer Nelson--their 4 All-Stars--together in 12 games, during which they're 5-7. So making a major deal might be premature, or panicky. But long-term, there are some issues the Magic should address. The Magic need youth at point guard, shooting guard, and small forward. Nelson is the youngest point guard, and he's 28. Veterans Anthony Johnson and Jason Williams are his backups, and their deals expire this summer. Carter's the shooting guard, and the only guys behind him are Mickael Pietrus (28) and J.J. Redick (25). Pietrus and Matt Barnes (30) are the only small forwards, with Barnes' deal expiring next season (or this season at his option)."
  • Who Would You Want: "The two players on the Kings, aside from Tyreke Evans, who could help the Magic the most--today and down the line--are Kevin Martin and Omri Casspi. Martin's unique blend of long-range shooting (39% on three-pointers for his career, over 40% in each of the last 3 years) and foul-drawing (6.4 free-throw attempts per game for his career, no fewer than 7.1 since becoming a regular starter in 2006/07) would boost Orlando's offensive efficiency and space the floor for Howard, while Casspi's height (6'09"), age (22), and ability to play either wing position would bolster the Magic's bench for years to come. A third player is Sergio Rodriguez, an open-floor point guard who loves to push the tempo as Williams does. The problem with Rodriguez is his utter lack of an outside shot. Still, his ability to run a team is admirable, and he'd be a boon to the second unit."
  • My Analysis: The Magic have a couple guys that I would be absolutely thrilled to see in a Kings Uniform: Marcin Gortat and Brandon Bass. Gortat isn't very tradeable at the moment because of his BYC status, but the guy would start on probably half the teams in the NBA right now. Bass is a player I've coveted since he was in Dallas, and he reminds me of a Paul Millsap type player, alhough he's actually not as good of a rebounder as you'd think. Ryan Anderson is a nice young player, but I don't see where he'd fit on the Kings roster. He works perfectly in Orlando.
  • Likelihood of a Trade Between Us: Trades with Orlando are very difficult because of the salaries. Neither Ben nor I could figure out a trade that wouldn't skew to one team by a pretty big margin. I think that if the Kings do decide to go after someone like a Gortat, they would definitely need a 3rd team. Even then it would be difficult, and like Ben says, the Magic haven't really had a chance to gel yet, so I don't anticipate any major moves by them.


Source: Mike Prada, Manager of Bullets Forever

  • Team Needs: "Everything. Young talent that can be built around in the
    event of a full demolition."
  • Who Would You Want: The two players Mike would most love to see (besides Tyreke of course), are Omri Casspi and Jason Thompson, with Kevin Martin being a close 3rd. Mike also doesn't think that Martin can work with Evans, at least not from the evidence he's seen yet.
  • My Analysis: The Wizards have probably had the most disappointing year out of any NBA team, even including the Nets. This was a team that was talking about championship aspirations in the offseason, and while that might have been too high of a target, even I had them pegged at 4th or 5th in the East. Now though, it looks like the Wizards might try to unload all of their big contracts and blow up the team. Does a lot depend on if Arenas's contract is voided? Who knows if that will even happen. What I do know is that the Wizards most likely will do something by the deadline, and that I like JaVale McGee.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Its definitely possible, especially if the Wizards are going to go in demolition mode. Mike brings up a possible trade: "Wizards trade Brendan Haywood, Nick Young and the Kings trade Kenny Thomas, top-10 protected first-round pick in 2010. The Kings might feel like they have enough young guys, so I could see it. They also need a defensive center, and while Haywood is a free agent, he'd be a good guy to mentor the young kids and provide a good
    example." I could definitely see the Kings being more interested in that type of deal if McGee were involved, but I doubt that Washington would do that. I do want the Kings to steer clear of the big contracts in Butler and Jamison though.


Southwest Division:


Source: Rob Mahoney, Manager of The Two Man Game

  • Team Needs: "The Mavs essentially have two positions of interest: shooting guard and center. They'd seem to be relatively stacked at both, but as always, there's a catch.

    Josh Howard and Jason Terry are playing a majority of the minutes at the 2, but both are having uncharacteristically sub-par seasons. Howard has spent the better part of the last two seasons recovering from injury, and though he's supposedly operating at full strength these days, he hardly performs like it. He's still a solid defender, but Howard has become a bit of an offensive liability; he's shooting 37.8% from the field and 24.6% from three, a far cry from his career marks of 45.4% and 34.0%, respectively. Howard was supposedly the piece that, when healthy, would thrust the Mavs into elite status, but so far he's been anything but. Terry's having an equally rough go of it, which is particularly odd considering his typical efficiency. Throughout his career, JET has been one of those atypical players that can score efficiently on mid-range jumpers alone. This year has been a different story, and when Terry's shot stops falling, his value on the floor is pretty limited.

    At center, the Mavs could really just use another body. The combination of Erick Dampier and Drew Gooden provide an interesting and productive tandem (Damp's defense and Drew's offense), but Dallas lost their third option in trading Kris Humphries to the Nets. Doesn't seem like much, but it's a bummer."
  • Who Would You Want: "Kevin Martin - Duh. His defense is...shall we say, a work in progress, but just about any team in the league can use a 26-year-old shooter and scorer extraordinaire. The Mavs offense has been mediocre all season long, and throwing a player of Martin's caliber into the mix would be God Shammgodsend.

    Jason Thompson - The next best non-Reke King is hardly a consolation prize, as Thompson should be a very effective player for years to come. I definitely prefer Shock over Hawes, if only because I see Thompson as the superior rebounding and defensive talent. He'd be a nice part of the PF-C rotation for the Mavs, even if Dallas had to part with a big in the process."
  • My Analysis: Dallas has a team built to win now. Dampier is probably their most tradeable asset, as his contract for next year is basically unguaranteed (He has to meet some performance standards that are way above his skill level), but even with his money clearing, the Mavs will still be above the Luxury Tax next year, so they probably will just let it expire unless its a pretty big upgrade. Dampier and Gooden are a decent combo at Center in my opnion. The player that most intrigues me on the Mavericks is Roddy Beaubois, an athletic freak of nature combo guard.
  • Likelihood of a Trade Between us: None at all. The Mavericks have too many big contracts for older guys that the Kings really don't want. Any trade would skew badly in Dallas' favor. There also just really aren't any people that would fit a need here. Even Beaubois doesn't fill a need. Dampier would be good for our defense, but Dallas would likely want K-9 and a Casspi or Donté. No thank you.


Source: Rahat Huq, Manager of Red94

  • Team Needs: "A legit scorer at the wings; size and athleticism up front; a go-to scorer"
  • Who Would You Want: Spencer Hawes and Jason Thompson are the most intriguing options for Rahat, although Kevin Martin would fill a pretty big need.
  • My Analysis: In my opinion, Houston would LOVE to get their hands on Kevin Martin. He would give them the scorer and outside threat they need. I think a large part of the Tracy McGrady for Kevin rumors were emanating from the Houston side. Sacramento probably wants nothing to do with McGrady and would likely want Aaron Brooks (who probably wouldn't work well with Evans, in my opinion), Carl Landry (6th man of a year, great post scorer), Luis Scola, or Trevor Ariza. I just don't see a Martin to Houston trade that would work to Sacramento's liking.
  • Likelihood of trade happening between us: As a matter of fact I don't see any trade with Houston working out to Sacramento's liking. Landry is a great scorer up front, but he's not a good rebounder, doesn't handle the ball well, and is an ok defender. Brooks is one of the best scoring point guards in the league, but his defense is sub-par, and he tends to take a lot of shots to get his points. I like Ariza, but the Kings already have a glut of wings, and I don't want to give up Omri or Donté for him. Both those guys could end up being better than Ariza.


Source: djturtleface, Manager of Straight Outta Vancouver

  • Team Needs: The Grizzlies are mostly looking for a scorer off the bench, and who also has to be extremely cheap (Under $2 Million a year cheap) or an expiring contract. According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, "The Griz will not take a player whose deal extends beyond this season if they indeed consummate a deal. Although they are willing to trade draft picks because of the team's youth, the Griz are not offering their own 2010 selection."
  • Who Would You Want: "The Kings's roster isn't exactly filled with players that fit the bill for the Grizzlies. I suppose that Donte Greene would be an option, especially since he can theoretically play as a stretch power forward and even at shooting guard in a pinch.Aside from Donte, though, most of the Kings are on too long of contracts to really be of interest to the Grizz, since they have to extend or re-sign 4 of their 5 starters in the next two years and all 5 plus most of the bench in 3 years."
  • My Analysis: Well with the kind of parameters Chris Wallace has set, there really aren't many options. The only options would really be Donté or Sergio. Now a trade that has really started to grow on me is the possibility of a Sergio for Haddadi swap. Haddadi is stuck in the rotation behind Zach Randolph (locked up till 2011), Gasol (locked up till 2012), and Thabeet (2014). He has no real use to the roster and yet he's locked up until 2011 before they could offer him a qualifying offer. Now if the Grizzlies were willing to offer Thabeet for perhaps Spencer, I think the Kings might have to at least think about it.
  • Likelihood of a Trade: Well I actually think a Haddadi for Sergio swap could be likely. Haddadi fills a need for the Kings in the form of excellent rebounding and shotblocking, and Sergio is an upgrade at their backup spot. With Tinsley expiring next year, they can offer Sergio the qualifying offer and keep him as the primary backup. Sergio would fit very well on a team that has plenty of people who need their shots. But other than a trade like that, I don't think there is anything tangible here.


Source: Ryan Schwan, Co-Manager of Hornets247

  • Team Needs: "A backup big man who can rebound a lot and defend a little. Scoring, passing, dribbling - that's all secondary. He simply needs to rebound and not let anyone get to the hoop who wants too and also a wing who was capable of driving to the hoop. The Hornets have pure shooters on the wings, but need one other wing capable of driving to the hoop and scoring. The Hornets SF and SG positions are some of the weakest in the league, and the only real option for the future is rookie Marcus Thornton."
  • Who Would You Want: "Of course I'd want to see Kevin Martin come over. He'd solve some of the wing problems instantly. I just don't see the Hornets willing to meet the price - which would probably include David West. Jon Brockman could definitely be part of the solution to the Hornets weak rebounding problem. Nocioni is also intriguing, but only if the Hornets can cut some of their wing dead weight like Mo Pete and Peja at the same time."
  • My Analysis: The Kings and Hornets have already been linked in a couple rumors, involving Okafor and West, but Okafor is really the only Hornet I'm at all interested in. There's also the possibility of dumping both Cisco and Noc's contracts for Peja's next year expiring, but this would simply add more long term money to NOLA's budget. I agree with section214 in thinking that Okafor probably won't be given up for simply an expiring and Kevin or a young piece would have to be involved. Would I do it? Probably not, but the possibility remains.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: I think its not likely, but possible. The Hornets aren't as desperate to cut cash as they were, thanks to the Butler, Armstrong, Devin and Bobby Brown trades, and now are actually under the tax. West doesn't really fit a need for the Kings, but I have to think that if the Okafor to Sacramento rumors were true, that Geoff might try to see if he's available again.


Source: Andrew A. McNeill, Writer for 48MinutesofHell

  • Team Needs: "At this point in the season, it's tough to say definitively what San Antonio's needs are. The team has yet to completely come together and play consistently for a stretch of games. But that's what happens when you add so many new rotation players to a team that depends on its system. So as far as needs, the Spurs definitely need more time to gel. Unfortunately, they're starting to run out of time."
  • Who Would You Want: "If available, the two players that would fit with the Spurs (because with the Spurs, it's all about fit) best would be Kevin Martin and Omri Casspi. Kevin Martin is the type of player who would benefit greatly from playing with a dominant post player like Tim Duncan. Martin seems to shoot at a high clip from wherever he is and would be a compliment to Duncan inside. Casspi is a young player that the Spurs were interested in on draft night in 2009, though with no first round pick the Spurs weren't able to land him. He plays tough and with energy, the type of player the Spurs can always use. Admittedly though, I probably haven't seen enough Kings games this season to really make a smart roster move."
  • My Analysis: The Spurs want to win a Championship now. As such, they're not going to be making any moves that don't improve their team talent wise or ruin any chemistry. Also, the Spurs are really solid at almost every position, with a good starter and backup. I could see the Spurs liking Noc on their team, so perhaps a Roger Mason and Matt Bonner (both expirings) for Noc trade could work, but I don't know if the Spurs want to add too much long term salary.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: I actually really like San Antonio as a destination for Noc, who the Kings will be actively trying to unload, and I think its a legitimate possibility he could end up in San Antonio to fit that Bruce Bowen type role. Play scrappy and hit the occasional corner 3. But other than Noc, I don't see any trade happening.

Northwest Division:


Source: Andrew Feinstein, Co-Manager of Denver Stiffs

  • Team Needs: "The Nuggets need more size upfront in the form of a legitimate starting center or at least a solid backup center that would enable Nene to play more power forward. The Nuggets only play three "big men", and our two centers – Nene and Chris Andersen – are a bit undersized for the position while our power forward – Kenyon Martin – is undersized at power forward. If Nene could play more power forward, he’d be the second coming of Calvin Natt circa 1985."
  • Who Would you Want: "Jason Thompson and Jon Brockman. If Thompson were the Nuggets starting center, we’d be the best team in the Western Conference. No doubt in my mind. Brockman, on the other hand, fits my "second round draft pick power forward theory" to a tee: i.e. smart teams draft "undersized" power forwards who were awesome in college in the second round and often reap the benefits. In this year’s draft, Brockman and DeJuan Blair are further proof of my theory, just as Paul Millsap, Leon Powe, Carlos Boozer and countless others have been in the past."
  • My Analysis: The Nuggets have a pretty good roster, but not very many people that I'd like. I love Nene and think he's one of the more underrated players in the league, but the Nuggets aren't letting him go unless its for an upgrade, which the Kings don't have. In fact, all the Nuggets I like are probably not going to be traded. Johan Petro is a guy the Kings might like though, and maybe Ime could be swapped for him. Ime's better than Afflalo in my opinion.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Not good. There just aren't any realistic trades. Here's what Andrew has to say on the matter: "I don’t see a realistic trade between our two teams. The Kings have some good things going for them that they won’t part with, and the Nuggets aren’t taking back any of your bad contracts."


Source: Zach Harper, Long Time Timberwolves Fan and Writer for Cowbell Kingdom

  • Team Needs: "The Wolves have no scoring. I mean, they have NO scoring. If Jonny Flynn is off you can guarantee they aren't outscoring the other team. Their biggest need is outside shooting. They would kill for guys like Casspi and Greene because they would stretch the floor and slow teams from double-teaming Al Jefferson so quickly. They also need defensive help inside. You can't play Love and Jefferson together and expect them to get any stops. As much as we all love Ryan Hollins and consider him to be the next Olajuwon, they have nothing to stop players in the paint."
  • Who Would You Want: "I think the Wolves could definitely use Donté Greene and Kevin Martin the most. They need to stretch the defense and give Flynn someone to play off of other than Corey Brewer."
  • My Analysis: Reading up on the Timberwolves blog, I see parallels between Kings and Wolves fans. Both fans have a growing number of people who are becoming disillusioned with their former star in favor of the new kid on the block (Kevin Martin and Tyreke Evans in Sac, Al Jefferson and Kevin Love in Minnesota). The difference to me is, while Martin and Tyreke's games actually complement each others, Love's and Jefferson's do not. Now would Jefferson be an upgrade to our frontcourt? Yes. But long term, I think it would simply settle us into mediocrity and not anything special. Zach thinks that Kevin Martin and Spencer Hawes could be a realistic deal for Big Al, and even though it looks like an improvement to some people, I'm not completely sure. I would be sort of ambivalent about such a trade until I saw how it worked out. As for other players on the Timberwolves roster, I want no part in any of it. Flynn is nice, but we have Tyreke. T-Wolves aren't trading Love. Everyone else is pretty much garbage, although I liked Sessions during the summer, but he does what Tyreke does, just not as well.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: It depends on what you think of Minnesota shopping Jefferson (evidenced by the Granger denial), and the Kings saying they would only part with Martin for an All-Star caliber big man. Also, Noc could fill a need for them and we could trade him there for expirings. They'd at least have someone who could hit a 3 and score the ball. Even though I'm not sure if I'm for or against it, I think its a possibility that Petrie and Kahn have talked and will talk more about Martin for Jefferson. We shall see.


Source: Zorgon, Manager of Welcome to Loud City

  • Team Needs: "Right now, most people's immediate concern is for a Center that can provide a big defensive presence, since Nenad Krstic is completely soft, Nick Collison is only of average talent, and Serge Ibaka is a big question mark. Another helpful talent would be getting a good shooter, which this team is almost completely devoid of. We mostly have players who drive to the hoop. Other than that, I wouldn't mind swapping Jeff Green for a true Power Forward, since he struggles against the bigger men in the game offensively."
  • Who Would You Want: "Omri Casspi would be appealing, simply because he's a good shooter. He could come off the bench and provide a dynamic to our offense that we don't have at our current state of development. I'd also like to have Spencer Hawes, because he's pretty much what Nenad Krstic should and can be. He shoots from mid range and the perimeter, while not being completely useless on defense and rebounding (Aykis' Note: I think some Kings fans would disagree with you there Zorgon), like Nenad is."
  • My Analysis: The Thunder are much like the Kings, although they're thriving with their defense, not offense. You would think Durant, Westbrook and Green are pretty much untouchable, although if you had to pick one of those to make available, you'd think it'd be Green. Otherwise there are a couple guys I like off their roster. Serge Ibaka is a young, tough forward who sees limited time, but is a good shotblocker and rebounder, two things the Kings need very much. Thabo Sefolosha to me is the 2nd coming of Doug Christie.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Probably not very likely. The Thunder are making a steady playoff push and relying on their defense to do it. They only have $39.5 Million in salary on the books next year, with none of the guys that are coming off seen as integral parts of the team. The Thunder could go out and pay a guy like Brendan Haywood while continuing to develop BJ Mullens and grow their team internally. Its a strategy I hope the Kings employ, because it seems like in the two most recent instances where its been tried (Portland and OKC) its worked.


Source: Ben Golliver, Co-Manager of Blazers Edge

  • Team Needs: Bigs. Healthy Bigs. Young, Healthy Bigs. Cheap, Young, Healthy Bigs.
  • Who Would You Want: "If you're taking Reke out of the equation the three guys the Blazers would be interested in are Hawes, JT and Brockman and I think those are three pieces the Kings would be very reluctant to move."
  • My Analysis: The Blazers really don't have anyone that would interest me and could possibly be available. I was quite intrigued by Fernandez last year, but Omri is pretty much doing what he's doing, I liked Sergio, now he's a King, and Przybilla, who I think is very underrated, doesn't exactly have a clean bill of health at the moment. The Blazers almost have as bad a glut of wings as the Kings do, so those guys are pretty much out of the equation as well. And just say no to Andre Miller.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Ben says it best, "Maybe you could find a swap of expiring contracts or 2nd round picks but I'm not sure there's a fit anywhere past that." There isn't anything concrete here.


Source: Basketball John, Manager of SLC Dunk

  • Team Needs: "It seems like the needs of the Jazz change all the time. We're set at PG, so scratch that. The backups are questionable there though. We don't need a PF as we already have Boozer in place for right now. If he goes, and that's looking like a bigger if every day, we have Millsap behind him. We have a glut at the wing position right now with CJ Miles, Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, Wesley Matthews, AK-47.

    What we need though is probably another scorer and a big man - at least a big man that Jerry Sloan will play."
  • Who Would You Want: "The Jazz do need another offensive threat and Martin would fit the bill. But his defense is suspect at best and that's been the focus of the Jazz this year.

    A Deron Williams and Kevin Martin back-court is enticing though."
  • My Analysis: The Jazz have quite a few people I'm interested in. I've always liked Kirilenko (not his contract though) and Kyrylo Fesenko is a nice, young, cheap big with upside. Their other young big, Koufos, I don't like, because he thinks he's Mehmet Okur, and he's not even close to being Spencer Hawes. The Jazz are above the luxury tax, and they would need to clear about $5 million from their books if they didn't want to pay the tax. Getting rid of Kirilenko's contract would be hard to do, but I think they would do it if they could.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: I think its possible. The Kings could be interested in 3 things: AK47, Fesenko, and NY's draft pick. John brings up one of Bill Simmons Fake Trades: "Martin/Thomas to Utah for Andrei Kirilenko (expires in 2011), Kyle Korver's EC, $3 million (not a problem because Utah still saves $3.2 million with the difference in salaries, plus another $3.2 million in luxury-tax money) and the rights to New York's unprotected first-round pick in 2010." It's one of the better offers for Kevin, and if you think about it, that would give the Kings the potential to draft a big and a guard in the lottery next year (I know NY is only 1.5 games out of the 8th spot, but I don't see them beating out Chicago or Milwaukee). Guys like Willie Warren or Xavier Henry would be available and we know how good Petrie is at sniffing out talent. We'll see what happens here.

Pacific Division:


Source: Rasheed Malek, Co-Manager of Warriors World

  • Team Needs: "The most pressing need on the court is to get a big man who can play in the post and be a presence. Warriors have been looking at David West this season as a potential acquisition but that hasn't materialized as of yet and they passed on Amare Stoudemire over the summer which with each passing day looks like a great move."
  • Who Would You Want: "I've always been a huge fan of Francisco Garcia and would love to see him play under Nellie in an uptempo system."
  • My Analysis: The Warriors don't really have anything the Kings might want other than Biedrins, who is probably the last person on that team they want to move. Other than Biedrins, Anthony Randolph is intriguing, but you would think that the Kings would have just drafted him if they had any real interest right? Also, the Warriors would probably want to use Randolph in potential blockbuster trades for guys like Bosh or Stoudemire, both of whom they are actively pursuing. I don't really want any of the rest of the roster, which consists mainly of wings. Anthony Morrow is probably the best shooter in the league but literally does nothing else.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Very unlikely. Neither the Warriors or the Kings really have anything the other needs, and according to Rasheed, the Warriors are probably going to try to go after guys like Bosh, Stoudemire or Rudy Gay at the deadline.


Source: Steve Perrin, Manager of Clips Nation

  • Team Needs: The biggest need is for Blake Griffin to come back healthy. He's the future and the team needs him at 100%. Otherwise, the only other needs the Clippers have are a strong wing player and a backup point guard.
  • Who Would You Want: "Omri Casspi is the one guy I'd covet on the roster other than Tyreke. I love KMart, but he plays the same spot as Eric Gordon and is a similar player. Udrih is too expensive as a back point, Rodriquez is probably not an upgrade over Telfair. Jason Thompson is probably the other guy I'd want, but he'd be joining a pretty young and deep front court, so I'm not sure it would make sense."
  • My Analysis: The Clippers have several guys the Kings could potentially be interested in. They have a wealth of big men with Kaman, Camby, and DeAndre Jordan, as well as Brian Skinner and Craig Smith. Jordan would be the most intriguing to me, but he's also likely the one the Clippers would least like to see go. Eric Gordon is a phenomenal young shooting guard, and in my opinion, one of the few players in the league that I would want back in a Kevin Martin trade. Steve is right. Gordon and K-Mart are very similar players, with Kevin being better now, and also much more expensive. If I were LA, I'd want to keep him.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: I wouldn't say its likely at all. The Clippers are doing ok for themselves right now at 18-22, without Griffin, and they have about $20 million dollars worth of expiring contracts, so they'll have money to play around with during the offseason, as well as another lottery pick. I doubt we'll be seeing the Clippers active much at all around the deadline.


Source: Chris Clark, Co-Manager of Silver Screen and Roll

  • Team Needs: "Point guard is the Lakers biggest need. Fisher is probably the worst starting point guard in the NBA. Farmar is ok, but inconsistent behind him, and Shannon Brown really isn't a point guard. After that, all the Lakers need is some outside shooting, and some bench scoring."
  • Who Would You Want: "The two Kings that intrigue me the most are Omri Casspi and Spencer Hawes. Hawes is the type of big man that should beg to play in the triangle. Great passer, great outside shooter, he'd fit in to the PF role in the triangle perfectly.

    But the guy who has me absolutely salivating is Casspi. He would solve so many problems for the Lakers. He'd provide scoring off the bench. He seems like he really knows how to finish on the break, which would allow our 2nd unit to play a more up-tempo style that suits them. And he's a better shooter than anybody on our team."
  • My Analysis: The Lakers don't really need to do anything to their team. They could stay exactly the same and still contend and likely win a championship. Still, their bench does suck and they could use an upgrade there and at the point guard position. According to Chris, the Lakers would likely have no interest in Udrih's contract, even though he'd likely be an upgrade at that position, so that probably rules out Nocioni for expirings as well. Sergio is a possibility, maybe for DJ Mbenga.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: I'll let Chris take a gander: "I'm roughly 110% certain that the Lakers and Kings will not be partners in a trade this off-season" I have to say that I agree. Nothing really makes sense, and I don't see why the Kings would want to make the Lakers better without getting rid of a lot of money in a deal, which isn't happening.


Source: Phoenix Stan, Manager of Bright Side of the Sun

  • Team Needs: "You could make the case that the Suns have needs at every position. The key of course, being Amare Stoudemire. For all the flack he takes in Phoenix and around the league for his defense, Amare is a top 5 PF/C in the league. If the Suns extend Amare than that position is set and his presence on the roster dictates the type of big men you surround him with. For example, if Amare stays then Jason Thompson isn't a good pairing with him but Spencer Hawes might be.

    The Suns right now are deepest at the two guard position with Jason Richardson starting, Leandro Barbosa backing him up and of late, Goran Dragic getting good minutes playing with Nash.

    The Nash/Dragic pairing is solid right now. Solid being an understatement since Steve is playing at an extremely high level.

    The biggest concern I have is small forward. Grant Hill is fading before out eyes. He doesn't seem to be able to sustain a high-level of play late in games and his back up Jared Dudley is one of those rotation players that gets exposed by playing too many minutes. He's best a 20 mpg guy. Behind them is the #15 pick Earl Clark. Earl is full of talent and potential but at best is a few years away from being an impact player and it is questionable if he ever will be.

    Up front the Frye/Lopez/Amundson rotation is OK but just OK. Of late, Frye has been in a slump and Robin has started to show real signs of improvement. We might even see Lopez replace Frye in the starting line-up as soon as today vs Memphis. All there are valuable rotation players but clearly no all-stars in that mix (but Robin has the highest up-side of the bunch)."
  • Who Would You Want: "I really like JT and in the past have been intrigued by potential trades that sent Amare to the Kings for him and other parts but now that's not going to happen because Amare isn't going to re-sign in Sacramento and you can't give up talent to get a guy that won't stay.

    Beyond that, I am not a big Kevin Martin fan and don't see any scenario in which his coming to Phoenix makes sense. You've got some fun role player over there like Casspi and Brockman and I wouldn't be opposed to seeing Garcia in Suns uniform if the deal was right but let's face it, other than Tyreke there's nothing on that Kings roster that is going to make me wet the bed in excitement. "
  • My Analysis: There are two people I'd be at all interested in from Phoenix: Amar'e Stoudemire and Robin Lopez. Obviously the easier one to trade for is Lopez, but I still don't see a deal that makes sense. Lopez is not a good rebounder but he's an excellent shot blocker and still has upside. Phoenix's style might also not be conducive to a Center like him.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: None. I just don't see anything getting done. Salaries don't match up, needs don't really match up. Unless there was another team involved, I don't see anything happening here.