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Preview: Bobcats at Kings

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As when the Kings visited Charlotte on the Road Trip From Hell, the Bobcats rule on defense and get by on offense. The Bobcats give up 102 points per 100 possessions, and score 103.5.

Of course, that's in total, and for whatever reason the Bobcats are much better at home -- 18-5 -- than the road -- 5-17. It shows up a but on offense -- the Cats are about three points per 100 possessions better at home than on the road. But the real difference is on defense: at home, Charlotte allows 95 points per 100. On the road, it's 105. That's an insane difference. Teams shoot .519 (eFG) against the Cats when they leave Charlotte, versus .462 when the Cats are at home. Night and day.

This is good news for the Kings, who happened to shoot .530 (eFG) in Charlotte, with most of the damage coming from Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi in the second half of that game.


Evans/Kevin Martin vs. Raymond Felton/Stephen Jackson. Last time, Larry Brown had Felton guard Martin ... and Speed couldn't capitalize, finishing with only nine points on nine FGAs and five FTAs. Felton is a nice defender, but he shouldn't be shutting down the taller, longer, quicker, faster Martin. That performance was more a result of a quick trigger, a rusty stroke and bad vibes. Hopefully, in his second game back at home, Martin can force Brown to make the tough decision of what to do with Evans, who should cause problems for whomever guards him.


Boris Diaw will drop a dime, then pick it up.


That will be the last time the mobile ice cream vendor ignores an order from Jon Brockman.


7 PM PST. Game thread at 7, post-gamer at 9:45.