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A Full List of Expiring Contracts From Luxury Tax Teams the Sacramento Kings Can Absorb

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...  without sending a player back in return, ranked by order of expected pick order in the second round, given the Marc Spears rumor that the Kings plan to take an expiring deal off a luxury tax team's hands for a second-round pick.

Caveat: one player per team, the most expensive (but less than $4M) expendable player in each case.

Randy Foye ($3.5M, pick will be 32-40, Fabricio Oberto [$2M] is another option)
Royal Ivey ($1M, pick will be 32-40)
Nate Robinson ($4M, pick will be 35-45, Knicks also own Clippers' pick [unless Clips pass Nuggets], Robinson can void any trade)
Dorell Wright ($2.9M, Miami has only New Orleans second, which will be 40-50)
Malik Allen ($1.3M, pick will be 50-55)
Michael Finley ($2.5M, pick will be 50-56)
Kris Humphries ($2.9M, pick will be 50-56, Humphries rumored in trade to New Jersey with No. 2 Dallas trade option Shawne Williams)
Brian Scalabrine ($3.4M, pick will be 55-60)
Anthony Johnson ($2M, pick will be 55-60)

If you open this up to non-top 5 first-round picks (no Philly, no Washington), you can add:

Hilton Armstrong ($2.8M, pick will be 12-18, Hornets would be very close to getting under tax)
Brian Cook ($3.5M, pick will be 18-24)

I'll put my ducks in the Armstrong basket. As the 2009 draft showed, two top 20 picks in the Kings' hands would be excellent.